January 26, 2015
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UBA Debit Card® User Guide

Product Description

Your UBA Debit card gives you electronic access to your Savings or Current account with UBA, wherever you need to use money. 

Debit cards are used for instant withdrawal of cash and payment of goods and services. The funds used during these transactions are immediately debited and transferred from the cardholder's UBA account.

Types of UBA Debit Card

  • Debit MasterCard
  • Gold Debit MasterCard
  • Verve® Debit Card
  • Visa Dual Currency (DCDC) ® Debit Card
  • Visa Classic ® Debit Card
Features of the UBA Debit Card

The UBA Debit Card is issued with an exclusive 16-digit card number. This number will be quoted in all communication /correspondence with the Bank. It should be kept secured at all times along with the Personal Identification Number (PIN) and should never be disclosed to any other person.
Account name which the card is linked to, is boldly printed on the issued card and must always be checked at point of issuance to confirm name has being spelt correctly. 
Expiry Date (mm/yy) is printed on the card and it shows the last valid day of the month of the year card is valid for.

Using the card

For your safety all cards are issued inactive, therefore you must change your Personal Identification Number (PIN) to a new PIN of your choice on a UBA ATM to activate your UBA Debit Card. 
You can use your UBA Debit Card on UBA terminals and third party ATMs depending on the Card type you’re using. The Debit MasterCard can be utilized any where in the world where MasterCard is accepted, which is over 1 million ATM's and 32 million merchant establishments. This allows you 24 hour access to any of your account linked to your Debit Card.

On an ATM you can

  • Effect a cash withdrawal
  • Obtain a mini account statement for your last 8 transactions
  • Get your available account balance
  • Transfer funds between accounts (Depending on the Card type)
  • Change PIN
Transactions at Merchant Outlets

  • Look for a VISA/VISA Electron/MasterCard/ Maestro/Interswitch sign at the point-of-sale (POS) Merchant establishment. The merchant must have an Electronic point-of-sale (POS) card swiping terminal
  • Present your Debit card after making your purchase
  • The Debit card will be swiped by the merchant and customer must input the card PIN for authorization.
  • After a successful authorization, transacted amount will be debited from on your account linked to your card
  • A sales slip will be generated
  • Confirm the amount on the pay slip. For international transaction customer must sign the sales slip. Your signature must match that on the reverse of the Debit card
  • Ensure your Debit card is returned to you
Caring For Your UBA Debit Card

  • Treat your UBA Debit card in the same way you treat cash. Keep it with you at all times and never leave it unattended
  • Your Debit card is for your exclusive use only. It should never be surrendered to anyone other than a designated Bank Officer at the UBA Branch after it has being deactivated.
  • Never reveal or surrender your personal identification number (PIN) to anyone. Please destroy all evidence of the PIN number after memorizing it and never keep a written copy of it in close proximity to your Debit card
  • It also recommended that you change the PIN to a number of your choice as soon as possible and at regular Intervals
  • If your Debit card is lost /stolen, or if you suspect that your Debit card has been used fraudulently, call the UBA’s 24 hour Customer interaction center representatives immediately to report the loss and have the card deactivated immediately
  • In case you need your Debit card re-issued, kindly walk into any UBA business office to request for a new one
  • Always ensure that the Debit card is used in your presence when transacting at merchant establishments.
  • Always ensure that you’re transacting on a secure web site when using your UBA Debit Card via the Internet or in any other ‘card not present’ situation
Itemized billing

Your UBA Debit Card allows you to track your purchases on a regular basis. The details of the purchases made on your card, along with the date, merchant name and amount are mentioned in your bank statement. For more information about receiving your bank statement by email, please visit our UBA Alerts page.

Zero lost card liability

If your UBA Debit Card gets lost or stolen, you are protected against fraudulent purchase transactions from the moment you report the loss to UBA (Call CFC on +234 1 280 8822).