February 1, 2015
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U-Mobile FAQs

What is U-Mobile
This is UBA mobile banking platform. It enables you, the customer to virtually carry your bank on your mobile device; you can initiate and complete all basic banking transactions such as balance enquiry, transfers to other accounts in UBA Plc as well as other banks, pay your utility bills and many other transaction types
How do I know if my mobile device can run U-Mobile.

U-Mobile can be installed on any Java enabled mobile device that uses a SIM, such as mobile phones and tablets; examples of devices that can run U-mobile are blackberry phones, nokia phones that support java, the version of U-mobile that runs on IOS and Android devices is available directly from the respective app stores by searching for “Umobile”.

How do I Enroll for U-Mobile?

  • Ensure that your phone is GPRS/JAVA enabled
  • Text D UMOBILE to 20220 for all GSM networks (MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL, STARCOMM)
  • You will receive an SMS with a link, click on the link to download U-Mobile to your phone, you can also click on this link to download U-mobile.
  • Install U-mobile on the mobile device and open it.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and move to the next screen.
  • Depending on your preference as a customer, select one of the 3 options presented to you to register for U-mobile.
  • If you select “register account”, you are expected to go to the nearest UBA business office and fill a form to receive a default PIN directly on your phone which enables you to start transacting using U-Mobile.
  • If you select either the “register debit card” or “register prepaid card” options and entered your details correctly, a default PIN is automatically generated and sent directly to your mobile to enable you start transacting using U-Mobile.
  • If “register debit card” or “register prepaid card” options are selected, you do not need to visit any UBA Business Office, these options were designed for customers who have a debit or prepaid card issued by UBA plc to enable you start and complete U-Mobile registration and activation anytime, anywhere.

Do I need to have airtime on my device to run U-Mobile?

Yes, when you use U-Mobile, you always receive an SMS notifying you of the status of transactions, the charges from your network service provider for this SMS will apply, if the GPRS option is used, the charges from your network service provider, if any also applies.
I have received my default PIN, how do I change it?
  • Select “Security” from the U-Mobile Main Screen.
  • From the submenu, select “PIN change” and follow the prompt
  • Enter old PIN i.e. the default PIN
  • Enter a memorable word, this is a word of your own choice.
  • Input your new PIN and then re-confirm the new PIN
  • Select account to use (Preset to default)
  • Select account type (Saving or current).
  • From the option button on the phone, choose “Select line” and then click on “Proceed” to consummate the process.
  • Customer receives SMS notification confirming successful change of PIN
What services are available on U-Mobile?

  • Funds transfer within UBA
  • Funds transfer to other banks
  • Mobile phone airtime Top up (GLO,MTN,ZAIN, Etisalat and others)
  • Bill payment (DSTV,HiTV and Others), Postpaid (ZAIN,MTN and more)
  • Request for cheque book
  • Request to stop payment/cheques
  • Send money to any mobile phones and collect cash at any UBA ATM(Cardless)
  • Account balance and mini statements
  • Other services available include PIN change, Add secondary accounts, etc. 

Can I buy Air time for other people with U-Mobile?
Yes, you can purchase airtime for anyone, even if you do not have airtime on your SIM at the time of making the purchase.

What if I don’t have GPRS or Internet on my device, can I still use U-Mobile?

Yes; U-mobile will prompt you to use the SMS option once it detects a failure using GPRS or Internet option, when you select “Yes”, it will use SMS to complete the transaction

If I lose my phone, can some body else use it?

No; when you misplace your phone, the application can not be used by another person so far your transaction PIN and Memorable word are known only to you.

How secure is U-Mobile?

UMobile uses the 3DES data encryption which is the most secure model of data transmission encryption on eCommerce platform.
Usage of phone is secured by Transaction PIN, memorable word and the ESA code for third level authentication.
Memorable word is a word known only to you
PIN is sent to the U-Mobile Server in an encrypted format.
In the case of stolen phones, the wallet can be hotlisted. 

Can I register more than one account on U-mobile?

Yes. You can register more than one account on Umobile if you have more than one account with UBA, this is done by going to “Other Bank Services”à”Account Management”à “Add Account” on U-Mobile.

After “Add Account” described above. What happens next?
  • Input Account Name i.e. an alias of choice
  • Input Secondary Account Numbers
  • Select “Account Type” from the drop down menu (Current or Savings)
  • Select “Add” on completion of above to submit request
  • Customer receives a notification for successful account addition.
  • Repeat for subsequent accounts of choice till complete
  • Customer is advised by CSO to expect e-PIN via SMS within 48 hours.
Customers who want to link additional accounts post enrollment on UMobile needs to revisit the business office, complete another enrollment form and repeat above steps.

Can I have U-Mobile on two phones?

Yes, however, this is only possible when each individual phone line is registered against a specific account number or prepaid card, for example, if you have a savings account and a current account with UBA, each one of the accounts may have a different mobile phone number registered against them in our database, you can have U-mobile on each phone synced with the appropriate account no.

I bought air time with U-mobile for a third party using the PIN option, though I received the pin and sent it via SMS to the recipient, I deleted the SMS only to find out later the SMS never got delivered to the recipient, how can I avoid this?

Note that you can do pinless topup where the recipient’s phone account is credited automatically. or call UBACIC on 01-2808-822 for resolution.

Any time I try using any feature like balance enquiry and mini statement, the response I get is that ‘you are not enabled to do any transaction, please visit your bank’.

It means your account has not been activated; all you need to do is to send an email to  or call UBACIC on 01-2808-822 for resolution

I tried an MTN Pinless top-up to a third party via SMS, but there was no response for about 8 hours. What could have caused this delay?

Certain transactions on U-Mobile have third party dependency, this means the success or failure of various transactions could be related to network malfunction or technical issues. If you or the beneficiary do not receive value within a reasonable time frame, please send an email to  or call UBACIC on 01-2808-822 for resolution.

I tried downloading U-Mobile and got the message from another bank’s mobile application. What do I do?

This means you have two different bank’s mobile application powered by the same vendor on your phone. In such situations, you will need to synchronize every time you want to use your Umobile, this disables the other bank’s application for that period. Alternatively, you may decide to use different phones for the different banking applications.

I tried synchronizing my data, and got the message ‘Synchronization failed’
This depends on the response gateway (GPRS or SMS); If gprs, it could be that there was no connection as at when the synchronization request was submitted; If SMS was used, you need to confirm if there is airtime on your Phone.

Is U-Mobile Available on Apple IOS devices, Android Devices?

Yes; U-Mobile is available for Apple IOS Devices such as the iphone, ipad as well as Android based mobile phones and tablets, the major requirement being that the devices must be java enabled and capable of using SIM cards, U-mobile can be downloaded on these devices by searching for Umobile from the respective app stores (Apple App store for IOS and Google Play for Android).

Is U-Mobile Available on Windows Mobile Phones?

No, at the moment, this version is in development and will be available to all customers who use the windows mobile phones for direct download from the windows market place.
I can't find my question here. What do I do now?

You can visit the nearest UBA Business Office, send an email to or call CFC on 01-2808-822 for further enquiries