February 1, 2015
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FX Mart


 Buy and exchange foreign  currency at competitive rates  at UBA FXMart. Available in UBA  business offices in Nigeria and at  Murtala Mohammed International  Airport, Lagos.  




At UBA FX Mart anyone can buy or exchange foreign currency easily. 

  • We serve all customers, you do not have to be a UBA account holder!
  • Purchasing travelling allowances is easier and faster
  • All foreign currency purchases can be loaded on a convenient UBA card for added security

Do I have to be a UBA account account holder to buy foreign currency from UBA FXMart?
No, UBA FX Mart will sell to both   a   ccount holders and walk – in customers.

What is PTA/BTA?
PTA stands for Personal Travel Allowance
BTA stands for Business Travel Allowance

Can I buy both PTA and BTA at  once?
No, you can only purchase one allowance at a time.

Are children entitled to buy foreign exchange?
Foreign exchange can be purchased by children between ages 12 - 18 only.

Does FXMArt deal in all the currencies in the world?
At this time, FXMart only deals with the three major world currencies, US Dollar, British Pounds and the  Euro.

Can a traveler buy all three currencies at the same time?
Absolutely, as long as the quarterly limit for PTA/BTA is not exceeded. The US dollar is the base currency.

Can I still buy foreign exchange, even if I do not want up to my maximum travel allowance?
Yes you can. The minimum purchase amount is $100 or it's equivalent in other currencies.

Where can I purchase foreign exchange?
The FX Mart service is available in all UBA Business Offices