Go cashless and win prizes from UBA

Go cashless this
month and stand the chance of winning an iPad Air from UBA this December.
UBA has announced
incentives to encourage the bank’s customers who go cashless in December. It is
the bank’s own version of getting customers to adopt a modern shopping trend.
The timing of the
incentives is strategic considering this is the time of the year when many
people tend to shop heavily and are forced to carry around significant amounts
of cash.  UBA is saying this is not ideal
as carrying around cash exposes individuals to significant risks especially
armed robbery.
“Going cashless
during this festive period is not only the convenient way to shop this season,
but it also enhances your personal safety and protects your hard earned
money”  says Dr. Yinka Adedeji,
Divisional Head, e-banking. 
The bank says going
cashless means customers abstaining from all forms of cash transactions
including withdrawing cash from ATMs and adopting POS as well as mobile and
internet banking platforms to pay for all their shopping needs in the month of
UBA has a highly
secured mobile platform, U-Mobile, which enables customers carry out about 90
per cent of all their regular banking transactions on their phones. With UBA
U-Mobile, customers can transfer funds from one account to another in the same
bank or from their UBA account to any other bank’s account.
Customers can also
pay for different bills, including air time top-up, DSTV subscription, buy
local and international tickets or transfer funds to loved ones for the festive
UBA also has
U-Direct, an internet banking platform that enables customers  do most of their transactions from a desk top
computer, laptop or tablet anywhere they are, anytime of the day, seven days of
the week.
UBA, one of the
largest Issuers of payment cards in Africa, offers cards for every segment of
the market from MasterCard, Verve and Visa. The Bank also has the Prepaid Card
for Banked and Unbanked Customers and the personalized All-About-U Card which
allows Customers put their favourite pictures on their Debit Cards. 
UBA is urging its
customers to take advantage of all these offerings to carry out cashless
transactions during the festive season.
To encourage
customers to adopt the cashless option for their transactions, customers that
carry out the most cashless transactions in December will be rewarded with
different prizes including the new iPad Air, Samsung Galaxy S4, Blackberry Q5,
Techno Phantom A1 and Infinix Race Bolt X450. The higher the amount and
quantity of cashless transactions carried out by a customer, the better the
reward the customer stands to get.
Sellers or
Merchants of goods and services who also encourage their customers to pay for
their goods or services with UBA cards or through U-Mobile or U-Direct also
stand to benefit from different reward systems put in place by the bank
including; an iPad Air, reserved for the merchant that is able to attract the
most cashless transactions.


To ensure security
for Customers during the festive season, UBA has put in place world-class
security systems for round the clock transaction monitoring. 


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