Travel cashless during Easter

What are your travel plans this
Easter? Why not travel light and cashless. Travelling with cash is actually no
longer the trendy thing to do. UBA offers you various options to hit the road
without money and still get to your destination without being stranded for


All you need are the various
cashless options offered by UBA. The great thing about making UBA cards your
travel companion during this period is that they offer superior safety
features. All UBA card transactions are highly secured with the best card
technology. UBA Cards offer additional security features for all online
transactions, with all online transactions protected by UBA’s SMS One Time
Password (OTP), MasterCard SecureCode and Visa’s “Verified by Visa (VBV).”
There are various card options
for intending travelers offered by UBA. There is the UBA Prepaid card which is
just ideal for those who do not have account with UBA but would like avoid
carrying cash around this Easter holiday. With a Prepaid card, there is no need
for an account. Anyone can walk into a UBA Business Office and load cash on his
or her Prepaid Card and be assured that he can cash that money on any ATM of
his choice in any part of the country or outside the country. A UBA Prepaid
Card is the ideal travel companion because of its superior security features.
With UBA prepaid cards, you can
actually control the amount of money you plan to spend on a trip well in
advance. You can load just the amount of money you need for a trip on a Prepaid
Card and therefore keep your expenses strictly within your budget and shut out
impulse buying.
There is also the UBA Dual
Currency Debit Card (DCDC) which gives you the option to spend money from
either your domiciliary account or regular Naira account. With the DCDC, you
can spend money strictly from your domiciliary account when out of the country
and only from your Naira account when within the country. So with one card, you
have access to two independent accounts.
Also, UBA cards are issued in
Naira, US Dollar, British Pound and EURO currencies, depending on the card type
requested for. The implication is that UBA Card holders can go around the world
with access to their foreign currency accounts, anywhere in the world, without
raising suspicion. It is the safest and most convenient way to travel.
With UBA Cards, including
MasterCard, Visa, Verve and Africard, holders have access to great value added
services like: airtime top-up, bill payments (DSTV, Star Time, MTN, etc) via
UBA ATM terminals or online. Holders of UBA Cards can also carry out instant
fund transfers to any other bank account across the country.
A more interesting part with the
UBA offering is that you can also decide to have your bank transferred to your
phone and deal with all your banking transactions via phone.
UBA has a highly secured mobile
platform, U-Mobile, which enables customers carry out about 90 per cent of all
their regular banking transactions on their phones. With UBA U-Mobile,
customers can transfer funds from one account to another in the same bank or
from their UBA account to any other bank’s account. There is also U-Direct, an
internet banking platform compatible with tablets, phablets, laptops and
personal computers.
Customers can also pay for
different bills, including air time top-up, DSTV subscription, buy local and
international tickets or transfer funds to loved ones for the festive season.
Banking with UBA means carrying
cash around this festive period is absolutely unnecessary. Your card, phone,
tablet, laptop or personal computers are all better alternatives to cash during
this festive season.




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