Time to go shopping

Maya looked on admiringly as the shark swam
majestically. Then it turned and started swimming towards her. The shark’s eyes
locked with her eyes, her heart started beating fast. She felt her limbs go
Everywhere was dark and all she could see was the sharp piercing eyes of
the shark as it swam towards her. Suddenly, the shark did not look that
majestic anymore as fear seized her muscles. That was when she screamed.
She felt a hand pull her up. Her eyes opened. Her
dad was beside her and looked at her strangely, like she had done something
wrong. Her mum also walked in from the kitchen looking at her in the same strange
She felt somehow embarrassed as she stammered “I
thought the shark was coming to get me.”
“No dear. That is not possible. The shark is outside
the room in the Lagoon. It cannot get you. Enjoy your sleep.” Her dad said.  
They were spending a special priceless night at the
underwater signature suite overlooking the Ambassador Lagoon Aquarium at
Atlantis, The Palm Hotel and Resort, Dubai with only floor to ceiling transparent windows
separating the room from the Lagoon, giving underwater astounding views of the
ancient ruins of the mythical lost city of Atlantis and its 65,000 marine
inhabitants. It was the perfect room.
She, her dad and mum were on the trip courtesy of
UBA and MasterCard after winning in the Priceless Holiday promotion by both
institutions. She was having the time of her life.
In the morning, a helicopter arrived to take them on
a tour of Dubai and later in the afternoon, they also went on a guided tour of
the world’s largest mall.
In the evening, she and her dad and mummy had a
luxury dinning at the world famous Nobu Restaurant, and then visited the top of
Burj Khalifa, Dubai, the world’s tallest building. She just wished the day will
never end.  
But she woke up. In her hands, held very tightly,
was her UBA MasterCard. She was on her bed and nowhere near Dubai.
Then she remembered that just before slept, she had
read about the new reward offer from UBA for customers using MasterCard. She
was reading about the fantastic offer of an all expense paid trip to Dubai when
she fell asleep. Now she wished she had just continued sleeping.
She looked around the bed. Then she found the newspaper
she was reading where she had seen the news. It read;
UBA in partnership with MasterCard has launched a
new promotion tagged “Priceless Holiday”
The promotion offers holders of UBA MasterCard who
spend N50, 000 and above using their Card on the ATM abroad, or on the Web and
POS in local and international outlets, a chance to win up to 750 shopping
vouchers to spend on whatever items they choose to. 
Also on offer during the promotion, which ends on
September 30, 2014, is a reward for one lucky winner of a breathtaking
all-expense paid trip to Dubai, which comprises the following; stay at
underwater signature suite overlooking the Ambassador Lagoon Aquarium at
Atlantis The Palm Hotel and Resort, helicopter tour of Dubai, guided tour of
the world’s largest mall, luxury dinning at the world famous Nobu Restaurant,
and a visit to the top of Burj Khalifa, Dubai.
The promotion is to encourage and reward customers
who use their Mastercard to pay for goods and services during this summer
season. UBA MasterCard is accepted in over 210 countries and at millions of
terminals across the world.
The reward scheme also encourages the use of the Card
for local and domestic web and POS payments.


Maya looked at the UBA MasterCard in her hand. This
was the time to start using it, she said as she got up and picked up her hand
bag. It was time to go shopping. 


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