The women that inspire me

By Chioma
Mang-MD/CEO, UBA Liberia on International Women’s Day 
(This is part of a series of personal blogs from  senior women executives in UBA to celebrate women’s day on March 8, 2015. The blogs will run through the month of March) 
Growing up, I
wanted to be a Judge because I liked to analyze and settle issues among my
mates. So, it was not surprising when I went on to study Law as my first degree.
The surprise, however, is that now I am a banker.
Chioma Mang, MD/CEO, UBA Liberia
The transition from
wanting to become a judge to becoming a banker is what life makes of you as you
grow up from being a kid with idealistic dreams to becoming an adult with
practical life choices to make.
But the transition
has nonetheless been exciting. I have moved from worker to a career driven
professional, mentored and mentoring others, building strong teams while taking
difficult people decisions to drive productivity. I have in the process made
and lost friends, celebrated and cried but in all I have enjoyed the trip and
are still enthusiastic about the future.
My source of
inspiration in this exciting journey has primarily been God. But I have also
been inspired by other women who have raised the glass ceiling that tries to
keep us down as women. 
I am inspired by
women like Mrs. Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Nigeria’s Minister of Finance (the only
person to have held the office twice in different governments in Nigeria) for
her doggedness in rising to top Management level at the World bank, putting up
a strong fight for the coveted position of the President of World Bank and the
audacity to reposition the Finance Ministry of Nigeria and by extension the
 I am also
inspired by the achievements of Christine Largarde as the 1st female Managing
Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) coming from Legal educational
background, but my most valued inspiration came from my late father who with no
formal education achieved great international business success and was able to
read and write. He thought me the “can do” spirit and gave me the best
educational exposure.
I must admit that
as a woman in the corporate world, you face unique challenges in your bid to rise on the corporate ladder. Work life balance is always a major issue. It is
often difficult to be the best wife and Mum at home while still delivering on
your expectations in the work place. You must therefore have passion for your
work and strong organizational skills, and ability to absorb disappointments.
However, if you
have a passion for success, and are rightly focused you can go anywhere your
drive takes you. If you believe in yourself, you will become fearless and be
able to take up challenges and succeed even where men fail.


My advice to women
in the corporate world would be “Be positive in all things and you can achieve


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