Banking on the edge of technology

In April 2015,
pan-Africa financial services group, United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc unveiled
a  new IT banking platform, Finacle 10x. Finacle 10x, is the  very
latest generation of banking application developed by Finacle from Infosys, the
world’s leading developer of banking applications.
Phillips Oduoza, GMD/CEO, UBA Plc. 
The bank adopted
the new IT platform to address the need of its customers for efficient, secure
and a fast banking platform. The idea behind the new IT Platform is to increase
the speed of the bank’s e-platforms including; internet banking, mobile banking
and also greatly improve the 
up-time and availability of its e-Channels like the
POS machines and ATMs. 
“Customers have
experienced significantly improved services with the deployment of our new IT
platform.” said Phillips Oduoza, GMD/CEO, UBA Plc.
The new platform
delivers a whole new set of offerings including enhanced treasury, wealth
management and advanced e-banking solutions. It also comes with advanced
security and compliance framework, which will result in significant improvement
in productivity and improved response to security and regulatory issues.
The bank’s new
internet banking platform U-Direct is also up and running. There is a new and
friendlier user interface. The internet banking platform also gives customers
more functionalities that enable them to carry out their banking from anywhere
from their laptops, phablets, tablets and desktops.
The bank’s mobile
banking application is also being upgraded to make it more users friendly and
more functions added to enable customers carry their banks in their hands
wherever they go. It is also a lot faster and easier to download.
“At UBA we
recognize that innovation and cutting edge technology will shape banking
operations in the increasingly competitive banking industry. That is why we are
at the forefront of innovation and efficiency in the banking industry helping
us to offer our customer more convenient service platforms, says Kennedy Uzoka,
DMD and CEO UBA Africa.
With a customer
base in excess of eight million, UBA has evolved an e-banking approach which is
aimed at improving service delivery and delivering positive customer
In line with this
resolve, UBA Payment Cards have been employed as a strategic tool to deploy
innovative value-driven solutions to its customers.
To boost card pick
up rate in a population that is accustomed to decades of cash transactions, UBA
has stayed ahead of the competition as far as innovation is concerned, introducing several key initiatives to drive card usage on the continent. Some these initiatives include;
UBA Cards
acceptance on PayPal
 UBA was the
first bank to announce and enable the acceptance of its payment cards on PayPal
the moment the international payment giant opened its gateway to Nigeria.
This innovation immediately enabled UBA customers to move into the global
e-Commerce payment space riding on the PayPal platform. 
Instant Card
Why wait for days
to get a debit card, when you can get it in five minutes in UBA offices. In all
UBA offices, customers can walk and get their preferred card issued to them in about 5 minutes.
Personalized Debit
Card (UBA All About U Card)
This is another
innovation in payment cards introduced by UBA.  Cardholders can forever
hold on to fond memories with the UBA “All About U Card” which allows customers
brand their Debit Cards with a favourite picture.  This transforms the
card from just a payment card to a desired personal card.
UBA Prepaid Card
With the focus on
financial inclusion, UBA pioneered the use of the Prepaid Card which does not
require a bank account. 
The Bank has
actively promoted the use of the prepaid card across Africa because of the
versatility and flexibility of usage. UBA Prepaid Card offers multiple
possibilities across various segments and is acceptable worldwide
UBA Cards Loyalty
UBA’s strategic
partnerships with local and international Merchants continue to earn its
Cardholders discounts on purchases across the world. Offers range from shopping
to travel, dinning and general merchandise. The Bank has introduced hundreds of
offers to its Cardholders since the launch of the UBA Cardholders Loyalty
Mobile Banking
access without a Bank Account
With the UBA
Prepaid Card, access to the U-Mobile  Banking platform is possible
without a Bank Account. Another first from UBA , this further underscores the
versatility of the UBA Prepaid Card as a medium for deepening financial
Be it a vacation
with the family or an item to purchase, there is a UBA Card story behind every
memorable experience.
UBA Cards are
accepted in over 200 countries and are protected with second to none technology
to ensure the security of all cardholders.
UBA consciously
adopts e-banking as a strategy to improve efficiency in service delivery and
enhanced customer experience to all its customers, spread across its 22
countries of operations globally.
The bank has
invested heavily in building a robust and secure e-Banking platform that
supports its operations through strategic partnerships with various local and
international organizations.


UBA is a highly
diversified financial services institution and leading provider of innovative
e-banking solutions across Africa and one of the largest financial institutions
in Africa, with offices in New York, London and Paris.


 The UBA Group has strong retail
penetration across 18 African countries with millions of customers that enjoy a
bouquet of products and services tailored to meet their different financial
needs backed by cutting edge technology that offers secured and convenient
real-time online banking services


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