#UBAatDavos-Africa’s place in the 4th industrial revolution

In the snow-capped
mountains of Davos, Switzerland, where global leaders from the worlds of
politics, finance, enterprise, social advocacy, academia and philanthropy have
gathered at the World Economic Forum (WEF) to find solutions to the challenges
that the world is facing, UBA is particularly proud to be one of only two
African Corporations invited to participate in this prestigious summit as a
full member, and to bring its knowledge and expertise to the international
Now in its 46th
year, the WEF was founded from a desire to create a better world for all global
citizens and has achieved this by facilitating dialogue that cut across areas
of expertise and cultural differences.
Forming part of
UBA’s  delegation to the WEF is the Chairman
of UBA, Mr. Tony  Elumelu, the GMD/CEO of
UBA, Mr. Phillips Oduoza, the DMD/CEO of UBA Africa, Mr. Kennedy Uzoka, Sola
Yomi –Ajayi,  SBG Head, Financial
Institutions and Corporate Branch and the Director of Marketing and  Corporate Communications for UBA Africa, Mrs. Bola
This year’s theme
is “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution”. Since the first Industrial
Revolution of the 18th century, where the advent of steam power
meant that people no longer used animal labour, there have been three more. The
second industrial revolution happened in the 19th Century, which was
brought about by the emergence of electricity and a third in the 20th
century arrived with the global adoption of computers. The fourth is happening right
now, and is due to how the digital age has altered our landscape: from how we
work, interact with another, conduct business and spend our leisure time.
The world we live
in is at a crossroad, as the convergence of man and technology and our
activities affects not only people’s daily experiences but the environment,
governance, business and society at large. UBA aims to not only be part of
answering the pressing questions brought about by the emergence of the fourth
Industrial Revolution, but also to be part of the dialogue, influence policy and
steer direction while ensuring that Africa has the capacity to take advantage
of the opportunities in the 4th
industrial revolution.
UBA is passionate
about ensuring that business in Africa, the true engine room of socio-economic
development and prosperity on the continent, has the space and support to
continue growing. As a bank, we have been quick to respond to the opportunities
and challenges brought about by the seismic shift of the fourth industrial
revolution: Creating the U-Mobile App to allow customers freedom to bank
whenever they want and a number of cashless services that give customers access
to their money in real time. 
We have also been quick to invest and champion
businesses across the continent that are at the forefront of technological and
digital developments. It is all part of being truly focused on our customers’
needs and reflecting the fast paced and inter-connected world we live in today.


In between the
debates, discussions, closed door meetings and sophisticated
soirees that form the WEF at Davos, UBA aims to act as a global ambassador for
commerce, innovation and philanthropy in Africa. Putting forth the message that
not only is Africa open for business, but the sky truly is the limit in terms
of opportunity and possibilities.


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