Tips to a Healthy Life

Tips to a Healthy Life
A great part of
remaining healthy has to do with what you eat and your level of physical
activity. Here are some tips to keep you covered at all times!
Grill or roast instead of
you must fry, then use canola or olive oil as they are low in fat. However, the
health benefits of grilling are numerous. Grilling involves little to no fat in
the cooking process and it helps drain out fat and oil from the meat or fish.
Moreover, why not explore the social benefits by having a barbecue event and
enjoy the outdoors.
Go White or Something Fishy: People generally like to
load their meals with enormous quantity of red meat. These are high in
cholesterol and fats. Turkey (or chicken) is a lower fat choice. Fish is rich in
omega 3 fatty acids, which can help protect against heart disease and makes for
a lighter choice
Mix it up with Fruits and

Serve lunch or dinner with heaps of veggies for a balanced meal. Add colour to
your meals- carrots, broccoli, pepper, lettuce, green peas are healthy
additions to meals. Fruits and veggies are a good source of nutrients and they
contain hardly any fat!
Eat Early: It is not just about what
you eat- when you eat matters, too. The human metabolism is thrown off by
changes in routine. If you are going to a late night party or clubbing, try to
eat at the same time you would normally.
Go Low on Snacks and Cream: If you are having sweet
treats like sweets, cake and ice cream, try having them in smaller amounts.
Instead of taking buckets of ice cream as desserts, why not go for low fat
yoghurt. Some healthy snacks like unsalted nuts can be taken in between meals
as alternatives.
Cut down on the Fizzy Drinks
and Alcohol:
the festive season, it is easy to drink lots of sugary fizzy drinks, try to opt
for water or unsweetened fruit juice when you can or add a slice of lemon or
lime to water. A healthier alternative is to go for smoothies.
For those of us that will
indulge alcohol in the spirit of social engagements, red wine is a healthier
alternative, however, do not over-indulge. Keep within sensible alcohol limits.



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