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If you do not have a wardrobe space as big as
this, it might be very difficult to easily identify what to wear on a daily
basis or even sort out your clothes the way you will want them to look!  Here are a few tricks to help you better
manage your storage space and be more organized. 
For a more compact arrangement, use
hangers that allow you spread out your clothes.
  If your shoes are in the original
boxes, you can attach pictures for easy recognition
Source: Style Caffeinated
  Organise outfits by colours for easy
identification and to enable you get dressed in a jiffy
Source: Homedits
   Roll your t-shirts, scarves and ties
for easy identification. The rolling method also prevents clothes from getting wrinkled
Source: Houzz  
Source:  Diyncrafts
Set up a weeks’ worth of outfits and
label them for easy identification
                 Source: Necessary makeup


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