Customer Service Health Check
Customer service is a
large area of concentration for executive management staff. Understanding the
overall perception of a brand is vital to its success, therefore executives are
focusing not just on customer service alone, but the holistic customer service
is customer experience?
According to Wikipedia, customer experience can be
defined as the product of an interaction between an organization and a customer
over the duration of their relationship. This
interaction includes a customer’s attraction, awareness, discovery,
cultivation, advocacy and purchase and use of a service. It is
measured by the individual’s experience during all points of contact against
the individual’s expectations.
  1. Expectation
The contrast between
customer service and customer experience is not mere semantics, rather a
portrayal of a mental attitude.  Customer
service is about delivering required solutions to customers, however, customer
experience spans beyond just that into penetrating the mind and emotions of customers.
Understand their thinking, satisfy their service-demand and impress upon their
  1. Appraisal
We often draw the
borders of our expectations and work indices around when we are able to deliver
the required solutions to a customer issue. Customer experience however,
leverages on the extras, otherwise known as ‘value add on(s)’. Customer
experience creates an amiable moment for them that will last long.
The best appraisal of
customer experience is ‘going the extra mile’. The ‘standing out like a neon sign’
comes in pre-empting a potential need and simulating an atmosphere or experience
of comfort and luxury.
  1. Retention
Customer experience
expects customers’ loyalty on the basis of informed relationships that have
been built over time and not just a continued patronage on the basis of
fulfilled service charter promises.
Service is moved a
notch higher to assuring customers of a ‘wow’ experience at any touch point
they interfaced with; it compels the need to understand our customers with
their businesses to retain them for relationship, hence commensurate profit.
  1. Skill-sets
Customer experience
finds as inadequate mere operational efficiencies with seamless processes. It
is not enough to know your onions well. Are you worth your salt?!
The germane
pre-requisite is the acquisition of people skills and how to effectively deploy
the skills in the course of servicing customers.
  1. Brand location
In customer service,
the communicated brand is perceived through
having a direct contact with any
of its diverse touch points; it is service-dependent.
However, for customer
experience, you are part of the brand; it is impression-dependent. It travels
beyond spatial or geographical delineations. People’s impressions are their
realities! Customer experience is not a ‘flight by night’ adventure, rather a
journey culminating in the build-up of skills. 
By Adejuwon Adegboyega


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