do we measure “true success?” What are we trying to achieve? What
does happiness really look like?
these are huge questions and the answers will be different for each of us. The
answers change as we go through life. Success is very different for a teenager
than for a woman in her 80’s. The trappings of success may be different for
different cultures, and even men and women may measure a “great life”
somewhat differently.
our individual answers, clarity about how we measure success and defining the
life we truly want are two of the most important tasks for any adult. Living
according to someone else’s definition of success can lead to incredible
tragedy. It abdicates our unique gift as human beings to make our own decisions
and live our lives in our own way.
Drucker observed that ultimate failure is to do very well “that which need
not be done at all.” Others have noted that the worst failure is to
struggle up the ladder of success, only to reach the top and find it was
leaning against the wrong wall. “The unexamined life is not worth living”
said Socrates.
life that is, so far, unexamined, may awaken at any moment! Nevertheless, it is
useful to wake up, smell the roses, and make our own decisions as early in life
as possible.
arrive at your own definition of success and set your course in life, people
are encouraged to begin by looking at some of life’s “big pieces.”
Success and happiness may be more than getting all the pieces in the right
place, but getting the big pieces right is a worthy beginning.
the big pieces are;
1.  Career or
vocational success
. Get very good at what you do. Make your contribution
count. Become an expert. Take pride in your work and earn respect for your
ability to produce amazing results in record time.
2.  Money and
. Money is not everything, but it beats being poor. In a world
with so much wealth and so many opportunities, managing money and saving for
the future, investing wisely, and enjoying the fruits of our labor are a key
component of living well.
3.  Health and
. Some illness or injury come to each of us, but over time,
taking care of our bodies, eating well, getting plenty of rest and exercise
seem to be good things. Laughing seems to help. There is truth in the old
saying, “Use it or lose it.” Move. Stretch. Dance. Play. Take care of
4.  Fun and
. “All work and no play makes Jack (and Jill) very
dull.” Some of us are so ambitious in terms of work or money that we fail
to relax and enjoy life. Play with children. Make love. Be silly and try new
stuff. If you fall down, pick yourself up and try again!
Solanke Oladimeji


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