1.   Open
an investment or savings account. Make sure that the investment or savings
account has withdrawal limit. This will ensure that you are not able to
withdraw from the account at will.
2.   Make
a decision on how much you will put into your investment or savings account and
at what intervals you will make whatever deposits or investments. Make sure
that the savings or investment has an attractive interest or return.
3.   Create
a first line charge on your earnings or salaries that goes straight into this
specially opened savings or investment account. This can be done by giving a
standing direct debit order to your bankers.
4.   Be
disciplined. This is required to ensure that you never withdraw from this
account. You should make up your mind that the money in this special account is
not part of your salary or earnings. All your spending should be restricted to
what is left of your salaries or earnings after this deduction is made.
5.   Open
a UBA target savings account. With a target savings account, you can actually
put some money aside in a planned way for when you will really need it.



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