Growing up as a teen, I remember how my mother would call me in the middle of playing with other children to go get something from our room.

In anger, I would go but almost every time I never found what I was sent for. As if that was not enough, I would tell her it was not there. My mother would insist that I go and look again carefully. Frustrated as I was every time, I would casually look in a few places and return with the same news, “it’s not there”.

Then my patient mother would ask me to follow her inside. Then she would take me to exactly where I insisted I searched but couldn’t find the item and ask me if I can see it lying there. And needless to say, she always proved me wrong by finding the items.

It wasn’t even that the items were hidden. They were in plain sight. My anger is what had clouded my vision. Truth be told, when you’re angry, your vision gets blurry and your thinking narrows.

In other words, anger blinds you to the reality and consequences of your actions. That’s why people who are angry do things that they themselves admit to being insane in hindsight.

Patience, on the other hand, gives clarity to vision.

Elias Patrick


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