Valentines day is usually one decorated with the thrills and feels of love, passion, desire and sometimes characterized as a commercialized holiday.
Truthfully, the essence is not in the box of sweets or the number of gifts but in the ability to spread care, love and keep a smile on the face of everyone you come in contact with.


At UBA, the tribe is bound by the 3 guiding E’s but amidst our work and productivity are a pack of individuals that are empathic, emotionally grounded and conscious of the feelings of all those they work with and interact with. The celebrations of the day started with a showdown of pictures at the ‘Love wall’. There were chocolates, valentine props with encryptions surrounding the #LoveisUBA theme and many faces and poses!





Breakfast included cupcakes and free coffee at the prestigious Melting Pot cafe. As Lunch time drew near, winners of the exclusve lunch were welcomed to dine and whine in an exquisitely decorated room filled with the aroma of local and intercontinental dishes. As staff mingled and enjouyed their meals, popular love anthems guided their afternoon.


Even more giveaways were in the mix as Airtime top up was sent across the grou, red roses for nominated females and a grand prize announcement from the ‘nominate a colleague’ Vals campaign.
Most visible throughput the day was the constant love in the air, smiles on the faces of staff and little acts of kindness across the group all over Africa.



Everyday is about Love but this particular day was about us! Love lives here in UBA and we extend a hand of commendation to all those who put in the work everyday and hold the oragnizations value at the core of their service.
We truly are a pride, that’s why we call it a tribe!!!

#HappyValentinesday #LoveisUBA



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