side hustles ideas for students

First off, congratulations on getting into the higher institution!  You must be excited for the journey ahead but also anxious about how to take care of yourself without having to hound your parents often for pocket money.

We know it can be an extreme sport trying to juggle a job with your studies. Thankfully, we have great suggestions on how you can earn extra cash with a side hustle. 

How to Make Money as a Student with a Side Hustle

1. Drive for a Ride-Hailing App

Getting around campus and the other areas in your school’s vicinity might be a hassle for most students because they do not own a vehicle. Public transportation is an alternative method that is not entirely reliable on some days. For instance, on days with heavy rain or public holidays. So, why not sign up as a driver on any of the ride-hailing apps in Nigeria?

All you need is a road-friendly car and your driver’s licence. More so, you can totally engage in this side hustle on a flexible basis. Decide whether you want to work in the mornings, evenings, or only on weekends. 

2. Become a Private Tutor

Most students want to excel in school with good grades and a good social status yet many students fail to find a balance between the two. Well, it’s time to put your academic skills to good use. If you are a Maths whiz, an English genius, or a Science maven, you can make some extra cash by offering your services.

If you can’t commit to the hours of in-person tutoring, try a virtual workshop. You can set your own hours and make good money tutoring students in your school and in any part of the world. 

side hustle to earn money as a student

3. Start a Blog or Vlog

Are you outgoing and a lover of adventures? Use your charming and fun personality to earn big bucks on social media. You could start by opening a Blogspot or WordPress account.

You can start by blogging about interesting topics or writing fictional stories. You can also go beyond writing and capture these interesting adventures and moments on your YouTube channel. Another idea for your YouTube channel is reviewing brands, and products or sharing your opinions on pop culture. Stay consistent, grow your following and when you have garnered an impressive following, brands start to pay you to endorse them.  

4. Modelling

Beyond capturing adventures and making reviews, you can consider modelling as a side hustle. In recent times, makeup artists employ the services of face models to showcase their skills,  and clothing brands are no strangers to contracting models to showcase their pieces. This is a very certain stream of income if you are not camera shy.

5. Become a Virtual Assistant

That knack you have for keeping things organised and making sure things go on smoothly can make you some cool cash by working as a virtual assistant. There are people and organisations out there who are looking for someone to help them in keeping tabs on meetings, dates, schedules, project progress, and the little day-to-day activities that they may find overwhelming. 

This gives you flexible time as a student for your academic work because you don’t have to be physically present to do your job. The fact that this is virtual leaves you with a deep pool of vacancies to search from. You can be in Lagos, Nigeria and be an assistant to someone or an organisation based in Toronto, Canada. The world isn’t a global village for nothing. So get on that internet and start charging for running virtual errands.

Do you want to know another great suggestion? Save up some of that extra money for a rainy day. What better way to save than by opening a UBA NextGen account which was specially created with students in mind and offers amazing perks?  

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