8 Suit Rules You Should Know

Rule 1: Fit – Fitting is the most important thing to
consider in a suit. Your suit should contour your body, if you want it to
look flattering. Consider this: Even the most expensive designer suit can
look terrible if it doesn’t fit, while a cheap suit with excellent fitting can
pass off as terrific!
Rule 2: Pants – Your pants should barely touch the top of your
shoes and not pile over them. Also, tailoring your pants a bit short will give
you a very distinctive
, smart look.
Rule 3: Cuffs – When you wear a jacket over your shirt,
your shirt cuffs and collar should be exposed about half an inch from the
jacket sleeve and jacket collar, respectively.
Rule 4: Buttons – Two-button suit jackets are more modern and
better fitting than three-button ones. 
Always leave the bottom
but­ton of your jacket undone and unbutton your jacket completely when sitting
Rule 5: Lapels – Your suit’s lapel adds a definition to your
character. Very thin lapels make you look juvenile while overly broad lapels
give you an old-school or gangster look. Medium-sized lapels are more
contemporary and business-like.
Rule 6: Tacks – When you purchase a new suit, remove the tack
stitches from the jacket’s pockets and vents before wearing. If the jacket
comes with a label on the sleeve, it should also be carefully removed.
Rule 7: Vents – Suit
Jackets should either have double / side vents, or a single / centre vent.
Double vented suits are more distinguishing. They also give more character to
your butt.
Rule 8: Care – Do not to take your suit to the laundry frequently.
This wears the fabric out quickly. Air the suit for some time before putting it
into your closet after each wear.
By Nonso Nduanya


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