To keep up with our
excellent standard of operations, innovation is key in our talent management.
UBA boasts of some of the world’s highly trained, disciplined and brilliant
professionals and in order to maintain this standard, it is important to set
‘think big’ goals that require creativity and innovation from every
individual. With a clear understanding that creativity cannot be forced,
the right environment puts the team in the best frame of mind to be
imaginative and innovative in their thinking. We provide this at UBA in the
following ways:
Melting Pot – Our Cafeteria  
Cafeteria and
creativity have more than the ‘C’ in common. While this may sound funny, it is
one of the most important elements of talent management. No one thinks with a
clear head on an empty stomach. The Melting Pot Café is setup in such a way that
not only caters to hunger pangs but also creates an environment that encourages
collaboration and bonding, refreshes perspective, awakens creativity and renews
Workplace Gym  
The workplace gym
translates into healthy, energized and confident employees, who become more
creative, innovative and effective in their output. The gym provides an outlet for
employees to relax the mind, regain a sense of control, and an avenue for team
building and bonding.   
Management System
By employing a proper
talent management system, UBA tracks the processes of employee engagements and
performances on a regular basis. A committed appraisal and record keeping of
employee performance creates a better work environment for employees to
thrive and contribute remarkably. It fosters accountability, eliminates bias
and rewards goal-oriented performances.   
Desk Area  
UBA’s Hot desk initiative
encourages fluidity, giving staff a chance to pick up their workload from wherever
they please, and providing access to all the same tools and facilities they need
to be innovative and productive. It also makes collaboration a far more natural
process while improving professional relationships.   
Beyond the wide range
of trainings offered to entry level recruits, there is also an availability of
trainings to just about everyone, irrespective of position and career level. This
affords all employees a chance to gain expertise and prepares them to take
on bigger responsibilities as they arise in the workplace.   
through Technology  
Taking advantage of
new and improved technology helps strengthen the effectiveness of our team. As
the world is encouraging the use of technology to create best practices among
our workers.   The flexibility
telecommuting offers, allows our employees work from wherever they are in the
world, at their most convenient pace while still delivering on their
targets. It also helps with scheduling, collaboration, improved communication
and career development through eLearning platforms.
Innovation is at the core
of our operations in UBA and it reflects in the environment we create for our
people. We continually improve our methods, inspire our workforce to reach
their highest potential, and surpass past achievements through innovation
that achieves the great results.
Be a part of the
tribe today!
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