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I’m here for you, if you just want to talk or Check the Weather, Request a Mini statement, Send statements to embassies, and a lot more.

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When you’ve got me, you can link as many accounts as you like. You’ve got nothing to worry about, I’ll manage them securely and authenticate your transactions via an encrypted login page.

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Service TypeFee Charge
Apple Messages Subscription chargeFree
Self EnrollmentFree
Account OpeningFree
Create/Reset PINFree
Check BalanceFree
Airtime Top-upFree
Send Money UBA to UBAFree
Send Money to Other banks

Amount band


₦0 – ₦5,000


₦5,001 – ₦50,000


Above ₦50,000


Loading Prepaid Card₦100 + VAT
Bills Payment₦100 + VAT

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Frequently Asked Questions

Leo Apple Messages is an additional Leo channel that enables users to send messages to Leo for their banking needs and more. It is interactive and fun to text as though one is chatting with a friend. This service works with a good internet connection.

To Activate Apple Messages on your iOS device, go to your device settings, select messages, and turn on the Messages app service. Once activated, you can proceed to chat with Leo.

To Activate Apple Business Chat on your iOS Device, go to your device Settings, select messages and turn on the Messages app service. Once activated, you can proceed with chatting Leo

You can open a UBA account on Leo Apple Messages. It is easy and instant, and the account can receive funds and transact immediately. No need to visit any UBA Business Office.

Note: A maximum of ₦‎50,000 can be deposited into the new account at once and the account can only have a maximum of ₦‎300, 000 operating balance. For you to enjoy higher account limits, you will have to visit a UBA Business Office.

Absolutely YES! You can enjoy more banking freedom of doing your banking transactions on the Apple Messages just by chatting with LEO.

The services available include Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, Send Money, Prepaid card Funding, Buy Airtime and Data, Account opening, ATM/Branch locator, Complaint resolution and other Banking Services.

The applicable charges are as tabulated below

Transaction/Service TypeFee Charge
Inter Bank Transfer
N/B: Staff account is free

Amount Band


₦0 – ₦5,000


₦5,001 – ₦50,000


Above ₦50,000


Loading Prepaid Card₦100 + VAT
Account OpeningFree
Intra-Bank TransferFree
Airtime PurchaseFree
Check BalanceFree
Mini StatementFree
Bill Payment₦100 + VAT
Statement to Embassy₦1,050 + (₦21 *no of pages)
Statement to Other Banks₦42
Transaction TypeAuthenticationDaily limit
Transfers & Bill paymentsPINMaximum ₦20,000
Transfers & Bill paymentsPIN + OTPMax. ₦200,000
Transfers & Bill paymentsSecure PassUp to ₦1,000,000 daily
Airtime Top-upPIN/OTP/
Secure Pass
Min of ₦100
Max. of ₦10,000
Other Services:
• Check Balance
• Mini Statement

If you open an online account on Leo, your limit is ₦50,000 per transaction. If you are unable to create PIN, then you will be limited to ₦10k per day using just OTP.
Note: Limits are subject to regulations and can be changed with/without notice

There is no maximum number of accounts that can be linked to the Leo Apple Messages profile provided the Customer ID or mobile number on all the accounts are the same.

Send complaint on Leo Apple Messages interface and select the category (ATM Withdrawal, Money Transfer and Airtime Purchase), input the transaction details of the failed transaction, then a ticket ID will be generated to enable you to track your complaint and expected time of resolution will also be advised.

You can request/stop/confirm cheques, lodge & track complaints, block card, profile your card when travelling abroad.

Leo on Apple Messages is protected with best-in-class security technology. It is safe and secure. To further protect your profile, do not share your Transaction Authentication Pin detail with a third party and your phone should be password protected. When in doubt, contact cfc@ubagroup.com.

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