Global Investor & Financial Services​​
Prompt and efficient services delivered with utmost professionalism​​
We stand out via technology, processes and personnel
We combine simple-yet-proven processes, state-of-the-art technology and highly skilled personnel to provide unparalleled services
Top-notch security & liquid asset safe-keeping service
Prompt and efficient services delivered with utmost professionalism
Excellent service delivery at all times
We lead in custody operations, securities verification/settlement, asset registration, portfolio valuation, euroclear account services, back office administration, taxation and many more

Global Investor Services

Prompt and efficient services delivered with utmost professionalism​​

About GIS

Set up in September 2007 to process securities trades, safe-keep financial assets and service associated portfolios, the GIS group is backed by the full sovereignty and credit of UBA Plc. and acts as Custodian to a full range of financial (equity and debt) instruments through its nominee UBA Nominee Limited. 

We are regulated by the following Agencies: Securities & Exchange Commission for Custody and Securities Lending, Central Bank of Nigeria for money market and other fixed income instruments. We also have a sub-regional licence to provide this service in the 8 francophone countries including Niger, Mali, Togo, Benin, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Guinea Bissau and Cote D’Ivoire.

Our Services

We work with a number of leading financial institutions – the best in the business with growing number clients. Our clients are our partners and our priority

We offer centralized safekeeping of securities and liquid assets helping you to manage securities more efficiently. Cost reduction is available on graduated fee scales based on size of assets.

We undertake all activities relating to settlement of securities and related cash transactions in respect of your investments. Our Delivery versus Payment (DVP) custodial account allows you to use a variety of Stock Brokers.

Asset holdings of clients are duly registered at the CSCS, we ensure that all asset holdings of our Clients are duly registered and reflected in an omnibus account within the CSCS according to the rules and procedures.

Ensure clients are aware of all meetings (AGM’s, EGM’s) and clients’ voting instructions are executed correctly and on time.

More Services

We have an up to date technology that does valuation of client’s holdings on a daily basis with the current market price and send valuation report as requested by the client.

Consolidation, sweeping and automatic investment of income/proceeds in line with set terms/client instructions.

We provide a consolidated report of all securities and Cash positions either by mail/fax/SWIFT. We tailor the composition and frequency to your requirement

Consolidation, sweeping and automatic investment of income/proceeds in line with set terms/client instructions.

Our Euroclear Securities Clearance and Settlement services allows us to clear and settle transactions with counterparties via Euroclear in a large range of internationally traded securities. 

GIS offers a comprehensive back office administration service that enables us to verify, match, authorize and effect settlements on your behalf of scheduled and confirmed obligations in full compliance with Service Level Agreements to be established with your good selves.

Tax reclaim is provided on a best effort basis. 

Have a custom service you feel is within our expertise? Feel free to reach to us; we would be glad to help.

Our Clientele

We provide excellent service to a number of leading financial and non-financial institutions across all our regions. Our clients include:

• Banks
• Collective Investment Schemes
• Fund/Asset Managers
• Global Custodians and Depository Banks
• HNIs and other Institutional investors
• Insurance Companies
• Nigerian Discount Houses
• Trustees

UBA Global Investor Services Management Team

The Global Investor Services team comprising of Business Development & Relationship Management, Client Services, Custody Operations and Corporate Actions. The team is collectively responsible for the long-term success of the Division by providing entrepreneurial leadership with a framework of prudent and effective controls

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