Loans & Payments ​

We help you meet your desired needs and wants by our loans & payment platform. ​

No matter what your needs are, we are here for you. ​

We offer various financing products which are suitable for the different needs of corporate businesses.

Bilateral/Syndicated Term Loans

These loans are suitable for long term capital expenditure projects and has flexible repayment structure that can be tailored to each corporate business

Overdraft/Working Capital Finance – These are facilities used to bridge shortfalls in working capital needed for day to day running of your business



Contract Financing/Receivable Discounting Finance

We offer facilities required by our corporate customers to finance contracts and discount receivables from eligible principals

Bank Guarantees

We offer various types of bonds and guarantees required to demonstrate the credit worthiness of our clients as well as ensure our customers meet contractual requirements from their principals


Tools and Resources

With UBA, personal or corporate banking is easier on any device anywhere. Our digital solutions offer various benefits that ensure you stay in control wherever you are.

Use our tools and resources here.