Home account

We provide for the banking needs of African expatriates and connect them to their home country within our network of 20 African countries.

Who is it for?

For African Expatriates residing in the 20 Countries where UBA has presence in Africa.


– Access to salary advance, asset finance and mortgage
– Investment in Treasury bills, Fixed deposit and other
investment products in your home country
– Access to wealth management referrals in partnership with
United Capital
– Free issuance of first debit card

– International Passport with a Resident Permit, Work Permit
or valid visa
– Two Passport Photos
– Proof of Address (Utility Bill Not Exceeding Last 2 Months or Last 6 Months Bank Statement)
– Proof of Source of Funds (Recent Pay Slip/ Work ID/ Letter
of Reference from Current Bankers/ Business Registration
Documents If Self Employed)
– Attestation of all required Documents by Notary Public
– Duly Signed Indemnity Form for electronic


The Home Account for Diasporas in Africa is a unique product that offers bank accounts with adjoining products in both the resident countries and in Nigeria at the point of onboarding.

– Every Nigerian who lives outside the shore of Nigeria within African countries with UBA presence.
– African Expatriates living in Nigeria.

– One home transfer per month from Expatriate account to Diaspora account will be free of charges (Africash-based account-to-account transfers)
– Diaspora debit card will be free of charge
– Free Issuance on the first debit card
– Interest rate of 4.05% on the naira savings account
– Access to UBA global network
– Online account opening gives customers immediate access to banking facilities

– International Passport with valid Resident Visa or Work Permit
– Proof of Address (Utility Bill Not Exceeding Last 2 Months or Last 6 Months Bank Statement)
– The CRO sends an email to country of residence to verify and confirm the proof of address as provided in the document for Home  account to be opened.
– 2 passport photographs
– References for current accounts