Student Account

With our savings account platform, we enable you have a bright future by saving extensively with interests incurred.

Everyone is different so one size never fits all

That is why we have a wide range of accounts to fit everyone, regardless of situation or lifestyle. So whether you want a basic account or one bursting with options, you will find the right account that meets your expectations.

Student Account

Our Student Account is your first step towards financial independence. If you are an undergraduate between the ages of 16 to 25, this account is designed to help you make the most of your money.

  • – Spend anywhere in the world with our UBA cards on ATM, POS & Online.
  • – Bank whenever you want, pay bills and send money quickly, easily and securely, 24 hours a day on any of our digital channels.

• Take your bank to school with you via the mobile app or LEO
• Make quick transfers and payments with or without airtime with our USSD platform.
• Choose from any of custom card products for easy payments on e-channels.
• Enjoy unlimited free Wi-Fi at select UBA campus branches.
•A chance to participate in the UBA campus ambassador program

All Savings Accounts Come With

Internet Banking

Secure Transactions

Transaction Notifications

24/7 Banking

UBA Online Account

No need to visit the bank

The UBA Online Account is a unique account designed for people who desire to carry out their banking activities purely online, without visiting a bank branch.

Enjoy the flexibility of banking on the go, with our electronic channels (internet banking, mobile banking, ATM and EmailMoni) and get a 30% concession on transaction fee.