Diaspora Mortgage

Diaspora Mortgage is a foreign currency mortgage scheme designed for Non-Resident-Nigerians for the part-finance of purchasing a property in Nigeria.

Purchase a property in Nigeria

This product offers credit facilities to Non resident Nigerians for part-financing of properties in select locations in Nigeria.


  • Ease of processing
  • Service of a dedicated Relationship Manager
  • No partial repayment penalty


  • Interest: 13% per annum.
  • Fees: This will consist of the following:
    • Commitment Fee: 1% (payable upfront)
    • Legal Advisory Fee: 0.5% (payable upfront)
    • Management Fee: 1% per quarter on the outstanding loan amount.
  • All other professional fees and out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the Bank in the review of the facility (e.g. search fee, credit check fee etc) and documentation/perfection of security shall be borne directly by the Obligor.


Applicants MUST be 50 years or below to qualify and they must be either:
  • An Employed Professional. This is an individual who has been gainfully engaged in employment with an organization (with a formal and functioning Governing/Supervisory Board) for a minimum of One (1) year. He/She must be a confirmed employee of that organization.
  • A Self-Employed Professional. This is an individual who has been engaged in a productive vocation for a minimum of Five (5) years. Such persons must be a business owner, founder, director, chairperson or president of such business/enterprise. Professionals that own firms will also qualify if such ventures have been in operation for a minimum of Five (5) years.

Documents Required

  • Completed Diaspora Loan Application
  • Evidence of legal residency (e.g. copy of unexpired International Passport)
  • Verifiable evidence of employment/contract/business
  • Applicant’s bank statements for the last 6 months (for employed professionals), 12months Business bank statements (for Self Employed Professionals)
  • Vendor’s Offer Letter/ Invoice or Letter of Authority from Property Owner to Solicitor/Estate Agent (where property is not being sold directly by owner)
  • Irrevocable acceptance of the Vendor’s Offer
  • Photocopies of Title documents to the property intended for purchase, including all approvals (Town Planning, Survey Plan and Building Plan)
  • Certificate of property valuation from a bank-approved valuer, accompanied by photographs of the property
  • Three (3) years’ Tax Clearance/Statement/Returns Summary documents of the applicant(s)
  • Employee Status Form (for employed applicants)
  • Satisfactory Credit Check on the applicant - to be submitted by the Bank *applies to properties in the secondary market.

How to Apply

  • Complete the mortgage application form and attach all the required documents stated above. Clients to ensure that all the copies of the documents are notarized by a notary public.