E Commerce Solutions

UBA Self-Employed Banking is focused on delivering unique services to give your SME Business that great support.

It takes a supportive partner to grow a business

We cater for the bespoke needs of self-employed business owners: SMEs (Retails merchants & Gen. commerce), self-employed professionals, entertainers, start-ups, tech-entrepreneurs and artisans.

UBA Marketplace

In the digital economy, businesses crave an enabling platform for sellers to meet buyers, gain exposure and plug the logistics and infrastructure gaps that many small businesses face

The UBA marketplace gives free and unlimited access to millions of customers around the globe; connecting buyers to sellers where ever they might be.

On Marketplace, you get the most competitive prices and a variety of products to choose from. While at it, rest assured that purchases will arrive whatever destination you need them to: timely, convenient and at an affordable price. Own a free shop now: Click here


Instant Bills Payment

Instant Bills Pay is an online collection platform that allows customers to pay bills and make payments for goods and services online, anytime, anywhere. It is Swift, Secure and Simple. The platform allows you collect payment online. Customers have the flexibility to make payments 24/7 and you will be able to download customized reports, in line with the business needs.

  • ✔ Multi-currency and multi-lingual platform.
  • ✔ Customized and downloadable report.
  • ✔ Accessible over the internet, anywhere in the world.
  • ✔ Accept payments at the branch.
  • ✔ Instant transaction notification via emails and SMS.
  • ✔ Compatible with various mobile devices.
  • ✔ Easily accessible online on various platforms ranging from desktops to tablets and mobile devices
  • ✔ Improved customer satisfaction, as customers will enjoy the flexibility and ease of making payments from anywhere in the world
  • ✔ Increased brand awareness because you become visible to your customers. They now know where to find you and pay for your services
  • ✔ Real-time audit trail with facility to view transactions online and ability to customize and download reports in line with your MIS reporting needs

Registration is simple and seamless via Facebook or through our website

  • ✔ Click here to go to the website
  • ✔ Select the country of preference
  • ✔ Click on the register button
  • ✔ Fill in the information as required
  • ✔ Or Sign-up with Facebook
  • ✔ Follow us on all social media platforms @Instantbillspay to be up-to-date on our various freebies and giveaways.

U Collect

This payment solution has  consolidated the various e-payment avenues available to its merchant customers to enable seamless integration of e-payment functionality into merchant websites.

  • ✔ Implements a screen-based pin-pad key interface instead  of the traditional keyboard-based keystrokes entry method  
  • ✔  Provides bank-grade protection for PINs and card information
  • ✔ Provides the ideal security mechanism for securing payments over the internet 
  • ✔ Supports multi-currency: Dollar, pounds, Naira, Euro
  • ✔ Offers true end-to-end security of transactions
  • ✔ Possible integration with corporate core business application if required.
  • ✔ Real-time comprehensive, searchable, and downloadable reports accessible by authorized personnel.
  • ✔ A robust and scalable collection platform
  • ✔ Offers a convenient and reliable means for  the University to receive payment over the internet.
  • ✔ Provides means to monitor payments online real- time
  • ✔ Eliminates the risk of fraud associated with cash collections.
  • ✔ Audit trail for transactions on the platform.
  • ✔ Simplified integration process
  • ✔ Allows globally accepted means of payment – Visa and MasterCard.
  • ✔ Reduced Collection cost
  • ✔ Internet access.
  • ✔ E-Commerce website.
  • ✔ Current account
  • ✔ Collections account


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