Debit Cards

Visa Classic Debit Card

You can make withdrawals at any of the 2.1 million Visa enabled ATMs in over 200 countries and purchases at merchant locations

Visa Classic Debit card

Available in Nigeria

Visa Classic Debit Card​

Access your money anywhere with the UBA Visa Classic® Debit Card, which includes making purchases for goods and services wherever the Visa logo is displayed (POS, Web). You can make withdrawals at any of the 2.1 million Visa enabled ATMs in over 200 countries and purchases at merchant locations where Visa is accepted worldwide.

Your UBA Visa Classic® Debit Card is extremely versatile and simple to use. You have the convenience of paying for your purchases directly from your bank account, without having to carry any cash. That’s the cashless lifestyle! Yet, your card and your transactions are highly secured with the best card technology

If your UBA Gold Debit MasterCard for Domiciliary Account is stolen or misplaced, you are protected against fraudulent transactions from the moment you report your lost or stolen card to UBA (Call CFC on +234 1 280 8822).

Your UBA Visa Classic® Debit Card can be used for cash withdrawal at any UBA ATM or any ATM displaying the Visa or V-Pay logo and can also be used to make everyday purchases at merchant locations and websites where Visa is accepted anywhere in the world.

Your UBA Visa Classic® Debit Card allows you to track your purchases on a regular basis. The details of the purchases made on your card, along with the date, merchant name and amount are mentioned in your bank statement. For more information about receiving your bank statement by email, please visit our UBA Alerts page.

  • — You need to have an active Dollar, Pounds or Euro domiciliary account. If you don’t have an account with UBA, simply open one at any UBA Business Office near you
  • — Completed and signed Debit Card Application Form
Maximum amount you can withdraw from an ATM within 24 hoursN150,000
Maximum amount you can spend on a POS or on the Internet within 24 hoursN1,000,000
Maximum amount you can spend on the Internet within 24 hoursN500,000

International transaction limits are subject to market changes

  • Available only on Naira current or savings account
  • It is valid for 3 years from the month of issue
  • — It requires a Personal Identification Number (PIN) for all ATM and POS transactions
  • — Transfer money instantly from your account to other accounts in UBA or other banks in Nigeria
Getting a new cardN1,000 (VAT Exclusive) 
Replacing a lost, damaged or expired cardN1,000 (VAT Exclusive)
Monthly maintenance feeN50 (VAT Exclusive)
Cash withdrawal on ATMs at any UBA branchFree
Cash withdrawal abroad*N1,200 + Acquirer fee
Purchases made on POS and on local websites in NigeriaFree
Purchases made on POS abroad and on foreign websites*Free

*Applicable fees for international ATM, POS and WEB transactions are subject to market changes

All charges such as monthly maintenance charge, international ATM withdrawal charges; attracts VAT of 5% in compliance with the regulations of the federal tax bodies.

A transaction fee is applicable to withdrawals from any ATM outside Nigeria. All international transactions must be in accordance with relevant regulations of the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Your PIN and CVV2 code (Card Validation Value) would be required to authorize all l web transactions after the UBA Visa Classic® Debit Cardholder activates the Visa Internet PIN (i-PIN) on a UBA ATM terminal.

Your CVV2 (Card Validation Value) code is different from your PIN, it is the last 3 digits written on the signature panel behind the card. It is required for all web transactions done locally and internationally.

Lost or Stolen Cards?

If your Debit/Credit Card is lost or stolen, please contact us immediately:

Find out how UBA keeps your information safe and secure. Learn how to safeguard your personal information or report fraud. If you suspect fraudulent activity or receive a suspicious email please contact our dedicated helpdesk immediately
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