With REDD,
you're in total CONTROL

Stay on top of your
money with a budget

Create a spending plan for your money, so you will always
hae enough money for the things you need. Let Redd
help you budget for recurring expenses, emergencies
and other important things.

Send money to
phone number

Need to send money to someone but you don’t
have their account number? Redd can help you
transfer to their phone number

Withdraw cash
without card

Don’t have your card but you need to get cash?
With a few taps on Redd you can withdraw cash
without a card from an ATM

Keep track of your

Redd gives you a breakdown of your spending, so
you can know exactly where all your money goes

All the food
you love

Sit back and order your favorite meals on Redd

Set Regular Payments

You can set up fixed daily, weekly or monthly
payments and standing orders on Redd.

Sweet Rewards

Earn rewards and perks every time you transact.


Superfast loans

If you ever need a quick loan, REDD has got you covered. Request for a loan in few taps.

You're in total control

Lock, freeze, cancel, and do loads of smart things with your card on red

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Talk to a
doctor online


Feeling out of sorts or maybe you just
need some medical advice.

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Sit and order your favorite
meals on REDD

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Talk to a
doctor online


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