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This year has been an interesting one for us all

as we embrace our new normal, we reaffirm our commitment to education in African Youth. Due to the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, we are unable to visit schools and community centers as we usually do, but we encourage you and your wards to join us as we celebrate the International Day of the African Child.

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Read Africa’ is an initiative of UBA Foundation aimed at rekindling the dwindling reading culture amongst African youths. Our children no longer read; their passion for reading informative and educative books is fast eroding and this is part of the ills we want to correct in the continent’s educational sector.​

These children are also distracted and challenged by the presence of electronic social media — Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. There are other factors militating against the Nigerian educational system as well as Africa as a whole. Having identified the need to curb the trend, especially in response to the declining culture of reading in post primary institutions across the continent, UBAF came up with the ‘Read Africa’ project, designed to resuscitate the reading culture amongst our youths across the African continent. Conceived and introduced in 2011 by the foundation, the project involves the provision of recommended English literature for junior and senior secondary schools students across Africa. 

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