July 25, 2016
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The UBA logo is distinctive, simple, elegant, vibrant and memorable, combining the mustard seed legacy of Standard Trust Bank with the unique typographic UBA logo in predominant red on white. The red colour represents energy, boldness, strength, innovativeness, excitement and distinction, all of which are in line with the bank’s dominance aspirations and its dynamism. The white colour, which represents purity, brightness and clarity of focus, bespeaks of UBA’s integrity and professionalism. The mustard seed reflects fertility and sustained growth & development, and connotes deep personal relationships based on the spirit of selflessness and mutualism.

UBA distinguishes itself in the marketplace by combining first class products with superior customer service. Its aim is to surpass customer expectations in a timely, consistent and professional manner and to make life easier for its customers whilst creating value via convenient and innovative banking products and services anytime anywhere.

UBA continues to enjoy an international reputation for excellence as a result of its commitment to constant innovation as a means of enhancing the image of the brand. The brand’s corporate identity rests on four core pillars - Efficient, Sound, Personal and Progressive. Its most important resource, its employees are guided by the groups core values called HEIR, an acronym for Humility, Empathy, Integrity, Resilience.

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