Elmina, Ghana
Get some education in history by visiting Elmina
Castle, Ghana, this summer. Elmina was erected by the Portuguese in 1482. The
oldest European building in existence below the Sahara, it was the first
trading post built on the Gulf of Guinea. It was first established as a trade
settlement but the castle later became one of the most important stops on the
route of the Atlantic Slave trade.  About 12 million Africans walked
through “the door of no return” into slavery from the Elmina Castle. It is a
great place to be this summer.
    Obudu, Nigeria
Obudu is the meeting place of the earth and the
heavens. At its peak, Obudu is 5,630 feet from sea level. At the peak, you are
practically standing with your “head in the clouds.”  If you love nature,
Obudu Cattle Ranch is the place to be this summer. It is the perfect
destination for eco tourists, bird watchers and hikers.  You can have a
day’s hike through the mountains and forests, and retire to a comfortable
modern accommodation later in the day. The food is also excellent and the
entertainment varied.
Tofo is a small fishing town in south-eastern
Mozambique that offers breathtaking sandy beaches, fresh atmosphere and
mouth-watering seafood. The Tofo beach runs in a long arc around the town,
which is nestled on a tranquil bay overlooking the Indian Ocean.  It is a
place where the life is taken slow and easy, with a perpetual party atmosphere.
Tofo’s major tourist attraction is the exceptional opportunity to see Manta
Rays and Whale Sharks which are permanently resident in its waters.
The Victoria Falls presents a spectacular sight of
awe-inspiring beauty and grandeur on the Zambezi River, forming the border
between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is known as the greatest curtain of falling
water in the world; one of the 7 Wonders of the world. The great gush of
Victoria Falls provides the soundtrack to a vacation in Livingstone. After
gawking at and exploring this natural wonder, you can learn more about its
formation and history of the surrounding area at the Victoria Falls Field
Experience the enchanting beauty of the islands of
Zanzibar, a semi-autonomous part of Tanzania in East Africa. You will enjoy clear,
turquoise-blue water; shallow sandbars perfect for wading. Explore the World
Heritage Site of Stone Town, Zanzibar City’s old quarter. Or just go beach to
beach between tiny fishing villages—each one better than the next. The key
areas of attraction are the buildings, cultural dances with Arabic
originations, and the main slave trade market of people in East Africa, who
were then shipped to Far East and West Africa and South America.
      Nairobi, Kenya
Nairobi’s spectacular Nairobi National Park is the
only big game reserve to border a capital city, or any major city anywhere in
the world.  The park serves as natural habitat for many animals including
over 100 lions, several giraffes, 58 rare white rhinos and over 100 black
rhinos. The Nairobi Safari Walk is a major attraction to the Nairobi National
Park as it offers a rare on-foot experience of the animals. Scores of baboons
and other primate species abound within the entrance grounds to welcome you to
the sheer exciting splendour on wild nature.
     Goree, Senegal
Goree, the Island of Memory, was one of the first
places in Africa to be settled by Europeans. A symbol of the Africa slave
trade, and classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO, the island with its
unique architectural style is a place regularly visited by thousands of people
from all over the world. It offers a wealth of reference sites from the past,
providing visitors with useful information for understanding the history of
Africa and Senegal. The slave house is a compelling place to visit by tourists. 


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