Many of life’s failures are people who did
not realise how close they were to success    when they gave up.  –Thomas Edison

In today’s resource- constrained environment, many of us
are delivering 120% on the current demands of our job but devoting little time
to developing ourselves further or positioning ourselves for higher
simply plugging along in our current roles is more dangerous than it might
seem.  The business environment changes quickly and sometimes
unpredictably and, if we do not shift along with it, we risk becoming Irrelevant.
are 8 ways to boost your career.
Stay alert and attuned to your environment
Those who want to develop themselves must create opportunities. That means
coming to understand how your organization works, how it makes money, and who
its key people are. This is an obvious prerequisite to figuring out how you
might shift your own work in the direction of what really matters. Tuning in to
the outside is unstructured work—networking, going to lunch—we do not even know
where to begin. Value it as much as the required meetings.  The payoff will come in the long run.
Create slack in your schedule.
New ways of working
require a precious and scarce resource; Time.  When we are stretched to
hilt, it is hard to ask “Am I focusing on
the right things?”
 No organization or institution helps employees
free up their time to work on the frontier of their jobs.  Instead, once
people have leadership responsibilities, their calendar gets crammed with more
and more meetings and trips.
Make strategy your day job, no matter what your title is.
Most people would like to take a more strategic approach
to their work but cannot because they do not know what strategy really means.
Strategy is about asking “what” we should I be doing—figuring out what problems
the organisation should be tackling, sensing what is happening in the world and
learning how to apply it to your work.
5. Get
The wrong type of competition in a
workplace can turn a high-five work environment into a head butt workplace, but
that does not mean there is no place for competition at work. As Celine Roque
, friendly
workplace competition keeps you on top of your game, helps you identify your
strengths and
weaknesses, and can ultimately lead to strong collaboration.
6. Teach.
It is commonly said that there is no
better way to learn than to teach. Apparently this contains a lot of truth. You
can learn a lot about a subject by reading about it. You can learn more by doing it. But
when you go a step further and start teaching, you can learn more about it.

7. Work outside your comfort zone. After years at a job, you
are pretty confident that you are good at what you do. You have got habits. You
have gotten comfortable. You may have even gotten complacent.

Stop. Break out of your comfort zone.
Find an area where you could expand and see what you can do there. Make an
effort to work outside your comfort zone. You may meet new people and learn new
things, who knows – you may even find something you are better at and enjoy
more than what you are doing now.
8. Finally, make a plan. According to baseball legend Yogi Berra, “If you do not know where
you are going, you will wind up somewhere else.”
You do not want
to be too rigid with your career path, but it will be pretty tough to steer
your career in the right direction if you do not know what direction you want
to go.  Take time to break out of your
normal work schedule to look beyond next week into where you want to be next
year, five years from now, and even ten years from now.
By Abayomi


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