Fossil tree of Pala
Found in the
town of Pala, South of Chad, the fossil trees are portions of tree trunks that
have over the years transformed into rocks. This usually takes decades to
thousands of years.
Brief periods of rapid sedimentation favour their formation.


National Park

Zakouma National
Park is located in the South between the towns of Am Timan and Sarh. It is the
first national park in Chad and it is almost 3,000 square kilometers. It is
common to see huge herds of elephants and giraffes in the park.  Lions can also be sighted in their natural
habitat. Zakouma National Park also has 226 documented bird species.
Lake Chad
Lake Chad was once
the centre of Africa’s salt trade and one of the largest freshwater lakes in
the world. However, it is shrinking fast. The best time to visit Lake Chad is
between August and December when the water level is at its highest. During this
time, it is possible to see hippos and crocodiles around the lake.
Ennedi Desert
The Ennedi
Desert was once underwater. So, it has many rock formations and sea arches. It
is located in the Sahara desert in North-eastern Chad. The desert contains
prehistoric cave paintings from the past. It also has small, hidden, blue-green
desert lakes and slot canyons to explore.
Lakes of Ounianga
Lake Ounianga in Chad has been designated a World Heritage site,
following the recommendations of IUCN (International Union for Conservation of
Nature). The site includes eighteen interconnected lakes in the hyper arid
Ennedi region of the Sahara desert covering an area of 62,808 ha. It
constitutes an exceptional natural landscape of great beauty with striking
colours and shapes.
The saline, hyper saline and freshwater lakes are supplied by
groundwater and are found in two groups 40 km apart. Ounianga Kebir comprises
four lakes, the largest of which, Yoan, covers an area of 358 ha and is 27 m
deep. Its highly saline waters only sustain algae and some microorganisms. The
second group, Ounianga Serir, comprises fourteen lakes separated by sand dunes.
Floating reeds cover almost half the surface of these lakes reducing
evaporation. At 436 ha, Lake Teli has the largest surface area but is less than
10 m deep. With their high quality freshwater, some of these lakes are home to
aquatic fauna, particularly fish.
 The Gong of Léré’s
Gong in the Moundang language signifies king.  Léré is located in the South of Chad, a
border town with Cameroon. The Gong inherits the wives of his predecessors such
that the present king has wives who were those of his father. The Gong of
Léré’s palace comprises units of specially built huts that house the king’s
numerous wives. All the wives have the right to live in the palace but are not
obliged to do so.


Hadjer el Hamis

The elephant
like mountain of Hadjer el Hamis is just a wonderful site for any visitor. The
natural charm of this geographic edifice situated at about some 120km from the
capital city of N’djamena is irresistible.




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