Tips to Furnishing your home on a budget

Whether you just moved to a new house or you feel the décor in your home is due for a change, making your space cosy and beautiful can be challenging physically and financially. Especially the latter part. Follow these tips on how to furnish your home without hurting your pocket.

1. Plan Head

The first and most important step to furnishing your dream home is having a plan. You need to have a mental picture of what your space should look like. So, while you are house hunting or thinking of updating your furnishing, you should also be thinking about the items you want or need, where you want them to be, and when you want them. This will help you avoid impulsive buying and help you prioritise.

2. Secondhand Purchase

Purchasing pre-owned items is a very good way of cutting costs and still getting what you want. Look up sites where people sell their old stuff and be on the look for friends and family who want to sell their old items. If you are lucky, they might just want to give out those items for free which is even better because a little freebie never hurts anyone. 

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3. Loan 

Do you want that piece of furniture or TV set but don’t have all the money to pay at once? Then, get a loan. Not just any loan, a pocket-friendly loan with a flexible repayment plan. UBA Asset Finance Loan is designed to help you live better. With a minimum of 30% equity contribution and a 24-month repayment plan, convenience couldn’t get better than this. You can get as low as ₦35,000 and as much as ₦3 million. More exciting is the hassle-free process of getting this loan.

4. Seasonal Sales and Promos

Take advantage of seasonal sales like Black Friday, Valentine’s Day, and holidays with special offers. Another way is to get discounts based on promos. This will help you get a good bargain.

5. Focus on Quality Over Quantity

Getting one item that is in tip-top shape is better than getting many that are not in good condition just for the sake of having everything at once. Do not be carried away by the aesthetics of an item you want to purchase either. Always check the durability before you hand down that note. Of course, your items have to be pleasing to the eyes. However, ensure that the visual appeal goes hand in hand with quality. This will help you save because it will take a longer time to replace that item.