Asset Finance

Live better

Get financing for the purchase of household appliances, alternative power solutions, etc. with the UBA
Asset Finance and pay back conveniently over a period of 24 months. You can purchase a variety of
assets ranging from smartphones, furniture, laptops, household appliances, inverters, generators etc.
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Product Features & benefits

  • • Access to a wide array of reputable dealers/retailers
  • • Convenient repayment period of 24 months
  • • Competitive interest rate
  • • Maximum loan amount of N3million
  • • Minimum loan amount of N35,000
  • • Minimum equity contribution of 30%
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Eligibility Criteria

  • • Functional salary account with UBA
  • • Duly completed loan application form.
  • • Confirmation Letter and/or last promotion letter
  • • Valid means of Identification (International Passport, National Driver’s License, National ID Card and Voters’ Card).
  • • Employer’s undertaking to domicile salary with UBA or completed Employee Inquiry form.
  • • Duly accepted offer letter.
  • • Duly completed Employee Inquiry Form.
  • • Copy of the obligor’s staff ID.
  • • Pro-forma invoice for the item issued in the name of the Bank/the applicant
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How to apply

  • • Get pro-forma invoice (PFI) for preferred items from any approved vendor
  • • Then visit a UBA branch to complete a loan application form
  • • Execute an offer letter detailing the loan terms and requirements, following approval
  • • Pick up preferred items from the vendor

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here is everything you need to know about UBA Asset Finance
It offers loans to customers whose salaries are domiciled with UBA for acquisition of assets of their choice from any of the approved vendors by the Bank.
  • With UBA Asset finance loan, you can acquire the following asset categories:
    – Home appliances
    – Electronic devices
    – Phones
    – Generators
    – Solar systems
    – Furniture
Yes, provided your income can support additional facility, subject to approved percentage of your salary for loan repayment.
No. However, you can get a Personal Loan to acquire assets from different vendors
No. You do not need a collateral for asset financing. The asset financed serves as collateral.
Yes, there are after sales service on certain items as specified by the vendors.
Customer is required to make available a minimum equity contribution of 30% of the cost of asset to be acquired, whilst the Bank will provide the balance of the cost as loan.

Terms and Conditions apply