Merchant Services

Merchant Services at UBA include POS, Instant Bills Pay, UBA Marketplace & U-Collect

Merchant Services at UBA

  • –   POS
  • –   Instant Bills Pay
  • –   UBA Marketplace
  • –   U-Collect


The Point of Sale terminal terminal is a portable device that facilitates payments for goods and services at merchant locations using payment cards issued by Banks.


  • Payments for purchase
  • Balance Enquiry and End of day
  • Accepts all Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Verve)
  • Other Value Added Services (Bill Payments, Airtime vending, DCC)
  • Accepts International MasterCard & Visa Cards


  • Increased Sales: Buyers spend more with cards
  • Customer Satisfaction: Cardholders will flexibility of payment
  • Speed of Checkout: No more queues, no more counting of bills giving change or waiting to write cheques
  • Safety: With less cash, you are less valuable to theft and pilfering
  • Earn revenue on 'Cash-back' transactions: Buy goods, buy cash


The Point of Sale terminal terminal is a portable device that facilitates payments for goods and services at merchant locations using payment cards issued by Banks.


  • High-Level Functionality
  • EMV/Transaction Business Logic
  • Remote Terminal Management
  • Audit logs
  • SMS Messaging
  • Reference User Interface for Merchant Dashboard, Reporting, KPI’s etc
  • Reference User Interface for Administration Dashboard and Reporting
  • Same Fees as POS applicable
  • Multi-Language, Multi-Currency


  • Small and lightweight
  • Lower cost than traditional POS
  • Portable and flexible
  • Unique encryption key inside each device
  • Tamper proof and doesn’t store sensitive data


mCash is a USSD solution designed to allow UBA Merchants to conveniently receive payments from their customers without actually handling cash. Payers/Customers simply dial *402* merchant code*amount# to make payments.

The Seller will be required to have a Seller Code.

Please contact your account officer or send a mail to to generate an mCash merchant code.

QR Codes

The UBA Master Pass QR CODE is a payment solution that allows customers to pay for goods and services using mobile phones at merchant outlets. Masterpass QR is secure, smart and easy, providing a cost-effective alternative to cash payments. Masterpass QR uses your own bank’s mobile banking application to allow you to make payments securely from your bank account Please contact your account officer or send a mail to to generate a merchant code.

Instant Bills Pay​

Instant Bills Pay is an online collection platform that allows customers to pay bills and make payments for goods and services online, anytime, anywhere. It is Swift, Secure and Simple. The platform allows you collect payment online. Customers have the flexibility to make payments 24/7 and you will be able to download customized reports, in line with the business needs.

How It Works

  • Merchant signs up on Instant Bills Pay to collect payment.
  • Merchant receives payment of bills
  • Instant Bills Pay collects customer's personal info and contact details
  • Instant Bills Pay processes payment of bills for customer
  • Instant Bills Pay keeps a record of all bills paid

Why You Should Be On Instant Bills Pay

  • Easily accessible online on various platforms ranging from desktops to tablets and mobile devices
  • Improved customer satisfaction, as customers will enjoy the flexibility and ease of making payments from anywhere in the world
  • Increased brand awareness because you become visible to your customers. They now know where to find you and pay for your services
  • Real-time audit trail with facility to view transactions online and ability to customize and download reports in line with your MIS reporting needs


  • Multi currency and multi lingual platform
  • Customized and downloadable report
  • Accessible over the internet, anywhere in the world
  • Accept payments at the branch
  • Instant transaction notification via emails and SMS
  • Compatible with various mobile devices

UBA Marketplace


  • Increased sales revenue
  • Brand promotion via a micro-site where you can sell
  • Nation-wide delivery of product sold via our partnership with a local logistics company
  • Convenient and offers merchants the ability to increase the number of satisfied customers who are able to shop 24/7 regardless of location
  • General cost reduction for the merchant in terms of cost of developing, managing and promoting an eCommerce website whose expenses can be in excess of $300,000 per annum
  • Access to sales/customer reports to help guide decision making

Product Attributes

  • Ease of managing platform on mobile using the UBA Marketplace mobile app
  • Several payment options such as cards, account, Escrow and mobile money
  • Order fulfilment and logistics powered by DHL
  • Marketing and promotions targeted at acquiring and retaining the right customer

Why Sell On UBA Marketplace?

  • Reach a wider audience - Internet penetration continues to rise. As at June 2016, there were 97 million internet users in Nigeria approx. 52% of the population
  • Cost Effective - UBA Marketplace offers an effective, low cost channel for SME's in Nigeria to drive sales online through new customer acquisition and retain existing customers
  • Leverage on the support of a trusted bank like UBA with over 12 million customers
  • Create your store URL to share with your customers
  • Auto post your products on Facebook and sell from your business page. There are over 16 million Nigerians on Facebook
  • Secure transactions using one of the highest Secure Socket Layer Encryption on the platform and our payment gateway which is PCIDSS compliant


U-Collect is a Consolidated Internet Payment Gateway Solution which integrates multiple payment solutions available in Nigeria – VISA, Verve, MasterCard and e-Tranzact.


  • Simplified integration processes
  • Possible integration with corporate core business application if required
  • Possible instant email/SMS notification (on phones of authorized personnel)
  • Supports multi-currency: dollar, pounds, naira euro, etc
  • Real-time comprehensive, searchable and downloadable reports accessible by authorized personnel as specified by Corporate


  • Simplified integration processes
  • 24/7 support through our customer interaction centre
  • A robust and scalable collection platform
  • Audit trail for transactions on the platform
  • Allows globally accepted means of payment - VISA and MasterCard
  • Secure means of collection
  • Reduced Collection Cost
  • Integration cost - NIL (no cost of deployment to the customer)
  • Transaction cost - There is a transaction cost of 1.5% / Transaction (subject to a maximum of ₦2,000)

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