Diaspora Account

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Opening a UBA Diaspora Account abroad is very easy

UBA’s Diaspora Banking offers Nigerians living abroad access banking services via our product and service offerings. This service allows non-resident Nigerians open and operate a UBA Nigeria account from anywhere in the world.

Customers can open a Diaspora Naira Savings or a Diaspora Domiciliary account. Account features include;

*Customers with both Naira & Domiciliary accounts can request a dual currency debit card

*The interest rate for Diaspora Naira Savings is 1.15% while Diaspora Domiciliary is 0.1%


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Below are the steps and requirements to open a Diaspora account.
How to open:
Required Documents

Bank with ease

UBA Internet Banking

Our internet banking platform gives you access to your funds and allows you perform banking transactions safely and securely from anywhere around the world, you can do the following;


To register for UBA internet banking, complete and send Internet Banking and Indemnity forms to diasporasupport@ubagroup.com

Debit Cards

UBA Debit Cards are accepted at over 30 million merchant locations and can be used at over 3 million ATMs worldwide. Customers have the option to request MasterCard or Visa Card Naira or Dollar denominated cards.


BVN Registration

The Bank Verification Number (BVN) is an 11-digit unique identity for each individual across the Nigerian Banking industry. The BVN ensures you can engage securely in transactions at any Point of Banking operations in Nigeria.

Enroll for your BVN at appointed enrolment locations abroad.

See enrolment centres here

To submit forms and make further enquiries, please send an email to Diaspora Banking team at diasporasupport@ubagroup.com


The Diaspora Banking Account is a platform that allows Nigerians living and working outside the country to maintain transactional accounts and perform domestic and foreign transfers through their accounts with UBAThe Diaspora Banking Account is a platform that allows Nigerians living and working outside the country to maintain transactional accounts and perform domestic and foreign transfers through their accounts with UBA

All Nigerians/Africans above 18 years living legitimately in foreign countries are welcome to open Diaspora accounts

Diaspora accounts can be opened online by clicking the link: https://aop.ubagroup.com/SignUpProcess/step2disapora.

– Duly Completed Diaspora Account Opening Form via the Online
– Means of Identification (Valid Nigerian International passport/ Driver’s license/ resident permit/work permit or Foreign passport with Nigerian place of birth/country of origin backed with any form of Nigerian ID even if expired
– Proof of address (Utility bill for the last 2 months or Bank Statement for the last 6 months)
– Proof of source of funds (recent pay slip/ work id/ letter of reference from current bankers/ business registration documents if self-employed)
– 1 recent Passport photograph (for joint account holders, one recent passport for each signatory)

Beloware services and e-channels accessible to Diaspora account holders:
Debit card services: MasterCard and Visa Card (FCY and Naira denominated)
Electronic Channels: Internet banking, Mobile banking or Leo
Also, customers with Naira and FCY account can request for a Dual Visa Card which enables linking both accounts to one card.

Yes, please. The interest rate for Diaspora Naira Savings  is 1.15% while Diaspora Domiciliary is 0.1%.

i. Transfer funds from your foreign Bank account into your UBA diaspora accounts using the swift codes. Click here to see transfer codes.
ii. Paying in Cheques and cash into Diaspora Naira Savings account and cash (foreign currency) into Diaspora Domiciliary account at any UBA Branch in Nigeria.
iii. Send money directly into UBA Naira Savings account using our money transfer partners. See money transfer partners

No, please. This service is limited to only individual account holders.

Customers will be charged N4 and its equivalent in other currencies for transactions.

i) Customers can download the internet banking enrolment forms from the UBA website.
ii) Submit the filled forms to diasporasupport@ubagroup.com.
iii) The log in details (which includes the username and password) will be received via the customer’s registered email address for confidentiality.

i) Customer fills the debit card/token and indemnity forms.
ii)Token costs N2,500.
iii) Naira Debit Card issuance fee is N1, 075 (VAT inclusive) with subsequent quarterly maintenance fee of N53.75
iv)Dollar debit Card costs N1, 075 or equivalent in Dollar and an annual maintenance fee $10 or its equivalent in other currencies will be charged.
v) Courier charge varies with location and the cost will be debited from customer’s account.
vi) All documents alongside the forms should be sent to diasporasupport@ubagroup.com

i) Customer fills the debit card/token and third-party indemnity forms.
ii) All documents alongside the form should be sent to diasporasupport@ubagroup.com
iii) This third-party customer visits the selected Branch with a valid ID card to pick up the token/debit card.

UBA Secure Pass is an alternative to the token which can be downloaded from the application store which is used in authorizing transactions and identity management on all UBA’s electronic channels like the Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Leo which require authorization of transactions.

The secure pass is free.

The customer fills the mandate form and provides intended signatory’s BVN, passport photograph and valid means of identification

Yes, local cheques and dividend warrants can be lodged into the customer’s account through any of the bank branches in Nigeria