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The UBA Customer Fulfillment Center is a 24/7 one-stop shop to help you with your inquiries, complaints, and requests for our products and services.

You Speak, We Listen, We Act.

It is manned by skilled and effective agents to accurately deliver high-quality service to UBA customers and prospects alike.

UBA Customer Fulfilment Centre

We offer services that meet our customers’ everyday banking needs, such as:

  • – Account Balance Inquiries
  • – Information on UBA products and services
  • – ATM card block requests
  • – Card transaction disputes
  • – Online banking inquiries
  • – Stop-cheque instructions
  • – Statement-of-account requests
  • – Card PIN re-issue requests
  • – Online banking password resets
  • – Resolution of complaints that span our different products and services


Tips and Advice

At UBA we remain committed to evolving products and services that fit into your lifestyle. We also like for you to be safe while online. Here are just a few ways we believe you can maximise your experience and security when banking online with us.

Learn more. Know more. Do more, with our Frequently Asked Questions.

Learn how to get the best from our banking channels here. Find out more visit UBA Youtube channel

Find out how to stay safe online and while using our products. Find out more Security Center

Find out how to avoid sites that pretend to represent UBA Group, or any of our subsidiaries, avoid advance fee scams. Find out more at Security Center

Avoid choosing easily guessed words or numbers. Avoid writing your Sign-In information in a place where others can view it.
Use the “Sign Out” button to sign out from Online Account Access upon completion of your session and close your browser.
Do not use email for account-specific questions. Email is not normally encrypted and your account information could be intercepted.
Review your statement information regularly for unauthorised transactions.

  • 1. Do your own safety checks—Before installing a new app, read other users’ reviews to see if the app is safe and does what it claims to do. Be extra wary of “free apps” distributed through little known sites, or via links sent by email or text message.
  • 2. Read the permissions first—We know—wading through all the legalese that comes with app permissions can be tiresome, but it is well worth your while. Make sure that the app won’t invade your privacy by accessing information it doesn’t need, like your contacts, camera, or keystrokes. Pay special attention to any mention of paid services, like premium text messages, so you know what you are agreeing to.
  • 3. Limit your install options—Stick to using the official Google Play store or a reputable store like the Amazon App Store. (Although using the Play or Amazon stores is no guarantee that all the apps there are safe, they tend to have more users and more reviews to base your decisions on.One quick and easy way to avoid unsafe apps is to make sure that the “install from unknown sources” setting remains in the off position. This prevents you from installing applications from anywhere other than the Play store.
  • 4. Limit your app use—Only install apps you need and use regularly. If you no longer use an app, uninstall it to keep it from accessing your information unnecessarily. This will help you save memory, and reduce your exposure to potential risks. For apps that you do use, limit their access to personal information so that they only access what they need to function properly. For example, a weather app doesn’t need access to your photos.
  • 5. Use mobile security—Comprehensive protection, like McAfee Mobile Security, can help guard against viruses, malware, device theft and other threats. It can also help you understand how your apps are using your personal information.
    culled from McAfee.



CBN Customer Biometric Data Capture

  • Unique customer identity, irrespective of the applicant’s bank
  • Easier and faster credit check
  • Authentic means of identification
  • Assists in non-repudiation of transactions
  • More efficient method of fraud management
    • Means of identification (international passport, voter card, national identity card, driver’s license) with clear picture
    • A complete enrollment form

Customer Feedback Survey

Dear Esteemed Customer,
In our bid to meet your service expectations, we solicit your feedback on the quality of our service delivery.
Kindly take a few minutes to complete this questionnaire. Be assured this exercise will not take more than five minutes to complete.



UBA's Policy

This privacy policy regulates how personal information can be used by United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc and Group of companies.


If you have an inquiry, request, complaint, or suggestion, please call us on:
(+234) 01-2808822 (2808UBA)
(+234) 01-6319822
(+234) 7002255-822 (0700-CALL-UBA)
or email


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