Two of the leading insurance companies in Nigeria, Heirs Insurance Limited (HIL) and Heirs Life Assurance (HLA) have commenced a Bancassurance partnership with Africa’s Global banking group, the United Bank for Africa (UBA).
Customers can purchase insurance policies from Heirs Insurance Limited (HIL) and Heirs Life Assurance (HLA) at select UBA Nigeria branches and digital channels.


Life assurance provides a cover for your loved ones in case of death. This may include cover for Education, Term Assurance, Endowment, Whole life, etc.

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This home insurance saves you from paying the exorbitant costs associated with fire damage and other types of incidents to your home, as well as replaces your valuables, if stolen.

This insurance package offers total coverage for your vehicle against accident, fire, theft, flood, riot or civil commotion, and other related risks.

This plan protects the valuables in your building against theft/burglary incidents, attempted break-ins and other related risks.

This plan protects you against any accident that can stop you from working and earning a living. This plan ensures that you get paid steady income, until you’re fit to go back to work.

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