We understand that the only way to get the best results and continually stay ahead of the curve is to invest in our people. This is how we develop professionals who are prepared to bring innovative thinking and results regardless of their role at the bank.
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We go to great lengths to source, attract, recruit, develop and retain the best talents. Wherever they may be.
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At UBA, we take our corporate culture very seriously and take proactive steps to enshrine it in the hearts of our employees.
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UBA strives to be among the top-tier industry competitor in terms of compensation, in each country it operates in.
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Careers at UBA

We believe strongly in the interconnectedness of human beings. This is why we encourage unity and celebrate diversity. We are One Culture, One People, One Bank. We are a Tribe; The UBA Tribe.

We take pride in the many cultures and genders represented in our workforce as they help us better serve our vast and diverse customer base. You will find among us, Lions and Lionesses who speak English, French and/or Portuguese, making us relevant both on the continent and globally.


Organisational Values

We take our corporate culture very seriously and take proactive steps to enshrine it in the hearts of our employees. Our corporate culture is defined by our core values. We do not just train our people to be the best in the job, we also offer encouragement, recognition, and rewards. UBA remains the ideal workplace to realise potential and enjoy career advancement.

Working at UBA

We are a tribe with an innate sense of identity and belonging. Our people are our most valuable assets, and this shows in our support for one another.  Our goal of becoming the best bank for customers by delivering memorable experiences has become an essential part of our staff’s everyday work. We continuously expand our tribe with smart and innovative people who thrive on collaboration and value creation.

Where do you fit?

Whatever level you are at in your career, we offer plenty of opportunities to build a rewarding career at UBA. Are you an Experienced Professional or interested in our Graduate Trainee Program & Internship? Join us.

Why Choose UBA?

With more than 7 million customers across the continent, operations in 20 countries in Africa, and over 20,000 workers in charge of these operations, we take delight in our Africanness.

Our Tribe




Call it Our Tribe

The UBA Tribe

As a pan African organisation, we are proud of our many cultures and diversity. We understand that working with other team members can make work fun and morale high which leads to better productivity and results.

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With more than 20,000 employees managing over 15 million customers across 23 countries in the world, UBA is a Great Place to WorkTM.



We employ more than 86,000 people around the world


Our colleagues come from 125 different countries


More than 160 years in business


More than 160 years in business

African Bank of the Year

The Banker Awards 2019

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