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Pioneering innovation in the banking sector

With multiple awards over the years, UBA continues to distinguish itself in the financial service industry across Africa. We are at the forefront of innovation on the continent as we aim to deliver excellent services to our customers.

Open a UBA Account

Open an account online in minutes, withdraw from any ATM and get realtime notifications after every transaction

Our cards are issued to clients that perform one or more of a number of services that relate to giving the client access to numerous services.

With our digital banking services, we offer you the choice to access your account anytime, anywhere from your laptop or smartphone.

We are committed to the development of the real sectors of the economy. We offer a portfolio of corporate & commercial banking services.

We cater for your innermost needs by giving you an array of banking options that suit your personality.

With these services, you can securely send and receive funds quickly and conveniently to anyone across the world.
With longer-tenure credit, flexible payment plan and lower equity, banking with us is a rewarding relationship that enables you to enjoy life.

Through the maintenance of a quality balance sheet, we will support infrastructural development across the continent and be the lead bank in Africa’s renaissance

Energy Bank of choice by offering our stakeholders value added customised financial solutions whilst maintaining high standards of professionalism towards all our customers

Treasury products include a firm’s collections, disbursements, concentration, investment and funding activities all round. Giving you more opportunities to invest.

Technology that keeps getting better

We never stop looking for ways to make banking simpler, smarter and better. And as our customer, you should always expect to see new developments from us. Try chatting with Leo on FB messenger or WhatsApp, use our Mobile App or simply dial our USSD codes. It’s that easy.

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We have a very clear vision – to be the best bank for customers. Our support of businesses continues to be recognised by many of the leading publications within the financial services industry.

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