United Bank for Africa Plc (UBA Plc) holds good corporate governance as one of its core values and confirms its commitment to the implementation of effective corporate governance principles in its business operations, in line with the applicable Corporate Governance Codes.


Our management team is made up of experienced industry-recognised professionals, with diverse (but complementary) skills in various backgrounds, as well as a depth of experience (garnered from national and international institutions). These executives put their knowledge, experience, and leadership to work, helping us develop and deliver solutions to meet the needs of our customers.

We are big on Corporate Governance

In order to promote effective governance of the Bank, relevant structures have been put in place for the execution of the Bank’s Corporate Governance strategy, as elucidated in its Governance Charters, such as the Board, the Board Committees, and Executive Management Committees.

The Board of Directors has the overall responsibility for ensuring that the highest standards of corporate governance are maintained and adhered to by the Bank. The Board adequately comprises an appropriate balance of skills and diversity (age, culture and gender) without compromising competence, independence, and integrity. 

The Group Board of Directors consists of fifteen (15) members out of which Seven (7) are females. This makes up 46.67% of the Board.


We have a diverse but complementary team

Our executives bring their knowledge, experience, and leadership to bear on the development and delivery of solutions to meet the needs of our customers.


Our People

Our people remain our most valuable assets. They are our competitive edge in a highly dynamic and competitive business environment. We have invested in the best performance management systems to ensure our people always have the cutting-edge skills to excel in what they do.

We also have financial and non-financial incentive schemes in place, including a staff recognition scheme to reward our high-performing staff.

Our staff is multicultural, multilingual, and highly diverse in outlook, reflecting the richness and diversity of the 24 countries we operate in. Our people strategy is hinged on always seeking to employ the best people, and creating a conducive environment for them to excel in their work. We also provide competitive remuneration and reward systems to retain our best talents.

UBA employees are fondly called “Lions and Lionesses,” reflecting the confidence with which they deliver financial solutions to our customers.

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