UBA Foundation supports, through SMEs, training workshops put together by organisations that have solid economic empowerment programmes.​

UBA Foundation - Empowerment

UBA Foundation aims to make sustainable improvements in the lives of the needy and underprivileged by supporting entrepreneurship programmes which benefit the community at large, i.e. social entrepreneurship schemes, skills acquisition and empowerment conferences, workshops, and seminars.

UBA Foundation also sponsors several skills-acquisition and empowerment conferences, workshops, and seminars such as:

Part-sponsorship of the 7th Annual Celebrations and Entrepreneurial Awards of Fate Foundation, a private-sector-led non-profit initiative with a vision to foster the establishment of 5,000 businesses and the creation of employment for at least 50,000 Nigerians by 2015.

Partnership with the Initiative for Peace Empowerment and Tolerance (IPET) to hold economic empowerment workshops and other projects, involving training and equipping traders with skills aimed at raising their standard of living.

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