CEO's Overview​

A repository of our CEO's Annual Overview on performance, goals and strategy.​

A Statement From The Group Managing Director/CEO

We are Africa; We represent the African dream; We are a story foretold 70 years ago, committed to continuous excellent customer experience as embodied in our Customer-First (C1st) Philosophy. 

We remain a reliable financial partner through highs and lows, to all our customers and stakeholders. We are the United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc… Africa’s Global Bank. 

Welcome, as we take you on an experiential journey into our world of bespoke financial services created by Africans to the world. Irrespective of the challenging COVID 19 Pandemic which impacted industries, health services, educational institutions, commerce, lifestyles, religions and world economies at large, at a speed, scale and severity that no-one could have predicted, we at UBA have worked hard and stayed together as a strong team amidst adversity, operational challenges and other threats. I assure you that UBA remains well-positioned with a rock solid foundation ready to meet your financial needs and business challenges. 

We remain firmly grounded in our purpose and shared values and have consistently delivered strong pre-tax earnings and consistent growth in all areas of our operations.

We keep pushing for increased efficiency in all our activities across the group, supported with a high level of execution drive.

Our ambition is grounded in the strength of our People – their high engagement, personal integrity, sense of responsibility and commitment to positive customer experience. 



Group Managing Director / CEO

Annual Report

CEO's Overview

About UBA Group

Our business strategy is built on being the bank of choice for businesses across the African continent. Using our extensive spread across the continent, we aim to facilitate inter–and-intra-African trade and also be the pivot for the inflow of investment capital.

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