Quick Facts​

Documents outlining UBA’s Profile at a Glance.

Funding liquidity and capital

• Strong 70% stable CASA Funding
• Relatively low 3.7% cost of fund.
• Head room for lower Cof on growing retail African penetration.
• Liquid balance sheet to take advantage of emerging opportunities
• Adequate BASEL II CAR of  20%

Asset Creation And Control

• Over 3trillion balance sheet size
• Focused loan exposure to lower risk corporate and commercial market.
• Bouquet and holistic financial solution to regional businesses
• Target to formalize the unbanked > USD30bn intra African trade


• RoaE of 1.0%, ahead of peer average
• Notable upside to NIM, as asset yield rises an CoF moderates.
• Moderating CIR of 59% benign outlook
• Profitability target built on sustainability and long term value creation.

We are Building Africa for the Future

US $1.2 billion

UBA led a consortium of local banks to facilitate a syndicated facility for a joint venture between the National Oil Company in Nigeria, NNPC and a major international oil company

€234 million

Oil and gas financing deal with Societe Africaine de Ragfinage (SAR) of Senegal which underscored its capacity to fund big ticket transactions across Africa

US $315 million

Facility to the government of Ghana for road projects on the strength of road fund levies domiciled with UBA Ghana.

US $180 million

Facility to Delta Energy Zambia for the procurement and supply of petroleum products to marketing companies in Zambia

US $ 250 million

Crude prepayment facility for Democratic Republic of Congo-based Orion Oil representing the largest reported transaction structured by an African Investment bank in 2015 involving fresh capital within the African market.

US $90 million

University of Dakar hostel construction project financed solely by UBA Senegal – African capital, building African infrastructure for African education.

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