Chat with Leo

Hi I’m LEO an artificial intelligence personality bringing banking through a simple conversation.

I am Leo, your Virtual Banker

You can find me here and ask me anything. I’m sure to respond, I’m your 24/7 chat buddy and the coolest thing is I can help you with your banking services too.

Right there in your friend's list

You can now Send Money, Buy Airtime, Check Account Balance, Pay Bills and a lot more with ease and convenience. Let Leo help hit your goals. Chat with Leo on FB messenger or WhatsApp anytime, anywhere. It’s that easy.

Simple, Intelligent Help

I am your 24/7 companion – I have no off days. Banking doesn’t need to be boring, I make transactions simple, easy and fast just by having a conversation. In addition to financial details, there is a whole lot I can help you with: travel notifications, mini-statements, customer care resolutions, soccer and even the weather.

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I can:

  • Open an account
  • Make Transfers
  • Buy Airtime for yourself and others
  • Check your account balance
  • Send bank statements to embassies
  • Freeze accounts
  • Help with travel notifications
  • Stop cheques
  • Get your mini statement
  • Make enquiries and so much more

I can even tell you the weather.

How to find me?

  • Simply go to your Facebook Messenger and search for 'UBA Chat Banking'.
  • Or simply click here
  • Get chatting today with Leo on Facebook Messenger and experience a whole new world of banking solutions without going to the bank.

Digital Banking

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