One Card, Endless opportunities

0% interest with your credit card

With the UBA Credit Card, you get up to N3 million and have the option to pay 0% interest when you repay within 45 days 


Features and Benefits:

How to apply:

  • – Download the credit card application form here and complete all necessary fields 
  • Visit any of our branches nationwide and submit your duly completed application form to the Customer Service Officer 
  • – Duly completed credit card application form
  • – 2 Credit Bureau Checks
  • Copy of valid identification (International passport, driver’s license, National ID or voters card) 
  • – Staff ID, Letter of awareness from company, and six months’ staff account statement (for salary earners). 



Fees and charges

Terms and Conditions:

Unsecured Credit Card (For Salaried Customers)

  • – Employer must be on the bank’s approved list 
  • – Customer must be a full time employee of the listed company. 
  • – Customer must have received an average monthly salary of N250,000 over the last 3 months 
  • – Customer must be between the ages of 18 and 57. 
  • – Customer must have executed Global Standing Instruction to set off any indebtedness with the Bank from customer’s accounts funded with other banks 
  • – Customer must not have any adverse Credit Bureau or CRMS report 

Secured/Cash backed Credit Card (For SMEs and Self Employed Individuals)

  • – Customer must be an individual or SMEs with active account with UBA 
  • – Cash-backed amount should be at least 125% of loan amount 
  • – Customer must not have any adverse Credit Bureau or CRMS report 
  • – Maximum limit will not exceed N3million 
  • – Customer must have executed global account set-off in favour of the Bank. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Simply walk into any UBA branch or visit our website at to download the credit card application form, fill in and submit to the Customer Service Officer at any of our branches nationwide.
  • Any employee of approved corporates whose salary account is domiciled with UBA
  • – Easy access to cash with a revolving line of credit.
  • – Enjoy up to 45 days’ interest free credit.
  • – Flexible repayment option with as low as 10% minimum monthly repayment required.
  • – Enjoy amazing discounts at partner Restaurants & Hotels, Lounge access, etc. across the world.
  • – Withdraw cash from ATMs or make payments on terminals locally or internationally.
  • – Make online bill payments, hotel reservations, car rental services and online shopping.

Yes, your UBA Naira Credit Card can be used locally and internationally at any ATM or POS outlet which has the Visa logo, the Internet, and POS terminals.

The cycle runs from the 15th of every month to the 15th of the next month when the credit card statement showing transactions details within the period and amount due for repayment will be sent to the cardholders’ registered email address.

Monthly interest rate of 3% on cash advance (withdrawals made on ATM) and 2.5% on POS/WEB.

Yes- There is a 45 day interest free period on POS/Web transactions provided 100% repayment is made on the due date. Less than 100% repayment will result in 2.5% charge on the outstanding balance.

  • You are expected to make at least a minimum monthly repayment of 10% on the outstanding balance. However, customers can opt to repay higher amounts e.g. 20% to100% of the outstanding balance.
  • Fund your repayment account on or before the 30th with the amount for your chosen repayment plan as it will be debited from your account on the 30th of each month.

Fund your repayment account on or before the 30th with the amount for your chosen repayment plan.

When you default on the minimum monthly repayment by the 30th of the month being the due date, a late repayment fee being 1% of the outstanding balance from the date it was not paid will be charged to the cardholder.

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