The design and installation of a “World Class” fully integrated Human Resource/Pensions/Payroll System at “No Cost” to the client.


With U-Pay® you can make payments at a click of a button with ease and in countries where UBA has presence in Africa.
U-Pay® enables corporate, and government institutions make payments from their bank accounts to any bank account.

Additionally UBA offers an enhanced version of U-Pay® that offers in addition to payments, Human Resources/Payroll processing automation to its private/public sector customers.

HRIS Features & Benefits

With this solution you need not change the way your organization works as this corporate solution enables the use of existing approval and authorization levels. 

Furthermore it tracks all functions performed so your organization knows exactly what action was performed, by whom and when. Additionally you can be guaranteed of secured transactions as it makes use of Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and token authentication, U-Pay® has a comprehensive reporting, and transaction alerting system.

• No changes required in your organisation’s functions
• It operates the existing approval and authorization levels in
your organisation
• All functions performed are tracked and recorded to
provide information on what action was performed, by
whom, and when.
• You are guaranteed secure transactions with the use of
Secured Socket Layer (SSL) and token authentication.
• U-Pay® has a comprehensive reporting and transaction
alert system.

HRIS Requirements

You can have U-Pay running in your organization today very easily. Once you complete the sign-on forms, you will be registered, your organization will be trained and you can start using the solution. Before you can start, you will need to have a computer/laptop with internet access.


Charges and Fees are country specific.
For Nigeria, the fee is N100 per transaction; however VAT and/or switching fee applies.
For applied fees of all other African countries, where UBA is present, please contact us immediately through the CFC, for details.
UBA Customer Fulfillment Center (CFC) can be contacted using the details below.

Related/Complementary Products

If you are an SME who is only paying a small number of staff, say less than 10/20, then you can go ahead and enroll on UBA virtual channels: U-Direct corporate and/or U-Mobile for this.
For more information on these virtual channels please contact UBA Customer Fulfilment Centre (CFC) using the details below.

Terms & Conditions

The corporate will complete the sign-on package.


You should contact UBA Customer Fulfillment Center immediately to validate the authenticity of such emails or phone call. UBA CFC can be contacted using the contact details:
Tel: 0700-2255-822, 01-280-8822

This fee is country dependent. In Nigeria the cost is N100 per transaction as regulated by the Central Bank of Nigeria, with additional applied VAT and/or Switching fees.

Please immediately contact us through UBA Customer Fulfillment Center as follows:
Tel: 0700-2255-822, 01-280-8822

This is country specific.
For instance in Nigeria, what is required is the 10 digit NUBAN number.

Yes UBA does offer additional Value Added Services.
In addition to payments, UBA offers automation of Human Resources (HR) and Payroll application applications to our corporate customers. This HR/Payroll application automatically calculates all deductions, and processes payments directly into recipients’ bank accounts.

It is free; however country specific transaction fees apply. Please contact us for more details:
Tel: 0700-2255-822, 01-280-8822

UBA has a solution for you; we will provide a version of U-Pay to you most ideal for low bandwidth areas

Not more than 72hours which includes training on the solution


The design and installation of a “World Class” fully integrated Human Resource/Pensions/Payroll System at “No Cost” to the client. Easy-to-use software application with employee self-service capabilities. Full Online credit of salaries/statutory deductions to all bank accounts irrespective of bank. Straight through processing of Salaries to any account, Salary card or mobile phone; with 360Degree view of all Employees. Report rendition of statutory deductions to the statutory authorities. Compliance with World Class Standards. Pensions Administration system

Features / Benefits


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