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At UBA we’re committed to ensuring our products and services meet your expectation.

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Here are just a few ways we believe you can maximize your experience and security when banking online with us.

Protecting your password



UBA will not request you to provide confidential information on a website or by clicking a link.
If you receive any suspicious emails requesting you to click on a link to view a transaction or to update your personal information; kindly ignore the mail. 

• Do not disclose your Account/Card details, Passwords, PINs, email, internet or mobile banking codes or credentials to ANYONE
• NEVER disclose your full 16 digit card number in any form of communication written or verbal; rather, only provide the first 6 and last 4 digits of your card (such as 412345******1234)
• Promptly report ALL suspicious activities on your account/Card to CFC
• Send suspicious emails to CFC for proper investigation

McAfee's tips on Mobile App Installations

Many of the most dangerous apps target Android devices because Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world. In 2016, android accounted for over 80% of new smart phones sold. Here are a few key steps to avoid malware attacks aimed at accessing your device, money, and information.

  • 1. Do your own safety checks—Before installing a new app, read other users’ reviews to see if the app is safe and does what it claims to do. Be extra wary of “free apps” distributed through little known sites, or via links sent by email or text message.
  • 2. Read the permissions first—We know—wading through all the legalese that comes with app permissions can be tiresome, but it is well worth your while. Make sure that the app won’t invade your privacy by accessing information it doesn’t need, like your contacts, camera, or keystrokes. Pay special attention to any mention of paid services, like premium text messages, so you know what you are agreeing to.
  • 3. Limit your install options—Stick to using the official Google Play store or a reputable store like the Amazon App Store. (Although using the Play or Amazon stores is no guarantee that all the apps there are safe, they tend to have more users and more reviews to base your decisions on.One quick and easy way to avoid unsafe apps is to make sure that the “install from unknown sources” setting remains in the off position. This prevents you from installing applications from anywhere other than the Play store.
  • 4. Limit your app use—Only install apps you need and use regularly. If you no longer use an app, uninstall it to keep it from accessing your information unnecessarily. This will help you save memory, and reduce your exposure to potential risks. For apps that you do use, limit their access to personal information so that they only access what they need to function properly. For example, a weather app doesn’t need access to your photos.
  • 5. Use mobile security—Comprehensive protection, like McAfee Mobile Security, can help guard against viruses, malware, device theft and other threats. It can also help you understand how your apps are using your personal information.
    culled from McAfee.


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UBA is committed to ensuring our products and services meet your expectations. Here are just a few ways we believe you can maximise your experience and security when banking online with us.

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