UBA Moni

Enjoy convenient banking experience with UBA Moni. Open an account, deposit cash, withdraw money and pay bills in your neighbourhood

Bringing banking services closer to you

UBA Moni is our way of ensuring currently excluded individual becomes a part of our financial world. Our agents speak the language of the community which they serve

Partnering with us

Earn over 1 Million Naira every year as a UBA Moni Agent. To register, fill the form below or download the onboarding form and submit at a branch close to you:


Even More Money with UBA Moni

Here is  a chance to make more money than you currently earn as a UBA Moni Agent

You can

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A branch on your street

With UBA Moni, we are bringing our services closer to you than ever. Our goal is to have a UBA Moni agent close enough to ensure you have a mini branch where you can open an account, send money, withdraw money or pay bills, no matter where you are.

An agent in your neighborhood

You can easily identify our UBA Moni Agents with the “UBA Moni Agent” signage at their business locations.

What can you do

At any agent location, you can


Agents representing UBA will have a “UBA Moni Agent” signage as part of their identification in addition to other branding materials.

All customers who want to deposit or withdraw cash, send money or intending customers who would like to open an account with UBA.

Apart from account opening, cash deposit, withdrawal and transfer, you can also register for Bank Verification Number (BVN) and pay bills.

Your transaction will be authenticated using soft token (OTP – One Time Password) before it is completed. You will also receive SMS notification from the bank as proof of your transactions.

Yes, you can. Potential agents must be an existing retail business owner and complete an enrolment form. Existing POS Merchants can also become UBA Moni Agents. 

Our agents work closely with relationship managers who handle complaints promptly.

Yes, UBA Moni Agents will be advised to open a standard saving account.

If you have further question or enquiries, please send a mail to ubamoni@ubagroup.com

Anyone can be an agent. However a verifiable location which can serve as a contact address must be provided.

Non UBA account holders can also be agents. However, to be on-boarded as an agent, you are required to open a special agent savings/transaction account (SBAGT)

UBA Moni is open to all customers and does not depend on the duration of account operation.

Agents representing UBA will have “UBA Moni Agent” signage as part of their identification. Our agents are also provided with branding materials and have been certified.

To confirm a transaction, customers will receive an OTP, PIN or Password via SMS which is presented to the agent. Customers will also receive SMS notification as proof of completion of transaction.

Agents are required to operate 2 accounts. A Transaction account which must be a savings account and a Commission account which can be a savings, current or corportate account.

The Transaction account is the account the Agent uses to make Deposits, Withdrawals and Transfers. The commission account is the account where the Agent’s commission is paid into.

All Account Transactions and UBA Card Transactions are settled instantly while other Bank Card transactions are settled by the next working day.

Commissions are paid immediately after a transaction is completed

It is advisable for enrolled agents to operate near their domiciled branches. This makes it easier to manage their float and get further support from the branch

An agent can own more than one terminal. However the initial terminal owned by the agent must be actively in use.

A Dormant SBAGT account can be reactivated. Account holders do not need to open a new account.

For faulty POS terminals, please contact your relationship manager or POS support officer. You will find their details in the confirmation email sent to you during your POS terminal registration.

Transactions can be monitored via the agency banking app. Please click here to access the app.

Yes, it does. An End of Day transactions download is also available.

UBA provides Android and the PAX terminals

UBA terminals are available to agents who have completed at least 40 transactions via the app

The support staff assigned to you will make the request for a terminal once the above transaction clause is met

Our terminals are free of charge

All UBA terminals can work on any network

All UBA terminals can work in any location.

All failed transactions are resolved within 24 hours

· Intrabank: (UBA to UBA) maximum is N50,000 (i.e. N20,000 twice and N10,000)
· Deposit: (into UBA Account) maximum is N200,000.
· Cash Out: (withdrawal) maximum is N50,000 (i.e. N20,000 twice and N10,000).
· Interbank: (UBA to OTHER BANKS) maximum is N1,000,000(N200,000 per transaction).

Please contact your support officer for quick resolution

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